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Friday, November 18, 2016

Pyramid Mission

Pyramid Mission

deep breath 
find buried glove
Saint Anthony find this: 
gun, ammo, sling shot, arrows,
yew, buckeye, castor, thorn apple,
affordable armored S U V vehicles
wall footing four feet below sea level,
god we must have clean water or perish,
rain gutter, well, solar pump, aqueduct steal, 
goats, bees, chickens, big dogs, hoes, shovel, 
knives, Kerr jars, rat traps, peanut butter, seeds,
glue, fruit tree sapling cinnamon for root propagation,
storage tank, battery, do we care about USB connections?
Disposable cell to call Mom no wait she's here sick, I pray, add
cell patch, antibiotic, anti-inflammation, regenerate oxygen drugs,
fishing line, duct tape, razor blades, wide shoes, snake venom please
tunnel digging locks hide cache, praying skip loader doesn't go to mass,
pyramid of concrete blocks to weather storms hiding gallon cans of peaches
Did I forget to pray Saint Anthony? Please find list of supplies and keys to Canada

Pyramid Mission Poem
Caroline Gerardo copyright November 16, 2016

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