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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sunflowers Survive Poem

hide in plain sight 
A cloak field
saves masked 
chickens put 
young under wings
in dumbest
places on doorsteps
where evil enters
coming / going
straight feng shui 
fuck roosters don't
crow in tongues
nor I
the hens ate 
ten thousand 
 sunflower seeds 
planted in 
rows but in 
the end 
blooms came 
and spent
cluck and poke
the broody ones
are kind but
those that survive
jealous x girlfriends 
peck the life
and you have
seeds for 
next year but
sweet peas -
birds don't
care to eat
the young
we're not 
crazy people
that toss
shoes for
scorpions we
hide them in 
pairs neat in
plain sight
but step
with care

Caroline Gerardo copyright end of July 2017
all rights for poetry and images of my
garden held on penalty of your 
baby chicks under your wing on
Van Gogh doorsteps

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