Tuesday, July 17, 2018


What is practice, production, poem?
How to pronounce an idea of poem?
                                                                             Pile of sticks
                                                                             Finger clicks

 them How to pronounce poem noun in British English
​us How to pronounce poem noun in American English


Copyright July 2018 Caroline Gerardo

Monday, July 16, 2018

Bird Song Poem

Quail Song

Beauty exists at your feet.
The hat of a quail smiles.
Gift love to all you meet.
Songs carry through trials.

thought for the day: unplug network news

Friday, July 6, 2018


oh Claudia 

The path of sunshine is not always the same
life brings brief joy or constant sting of pain
we'll never make sit upons for graceful girl scouts
we failed to finish the embroidery on our huipiles
Ixchel patterns touched by Maya backstrap loom
Nada to machine - made lace collars for a groom
K'iche' who whistle mist around the mountains
conquered by conquistadors, gangsters ~ coins

oh Claudia

In azure lapis and orchid perfume dress
went to college, to escape violent duress
we'll never fix your hair for the wedding night
we failed to protect you with a blouse of white
Man of Ice fired a hole into your head
Mama rocks your tiny body now dead
Everyday myriad of crows beg for seeds
As we recount the rosary prayer beads

oh Claudia

May the waterfall of heaven bring you peace.

Claudia Patricia Gómez González's body was repatriated to her home town of San Juan Ostuncalco in Guatemala. She was shot by Rio Bravo, Texas Ice

oh Claudia El camino de la luz del sol no es siempre el mismo la vida trae una breve alegría o una constante punzada de dolor nunca haremos sentados para niñas exploradoras elegantes no logramos terminar el bordado en nuestros huipiles Patrones de Ixchel tocados por el telar de cintura Maya Nada para collares de encaje hechos a máquina para un novio K'iche 'quien silba niebla alrededor de las montañas conquistado por conquistadores, gangsters, monedas oh Claudia en vestido de perfume de lapislázuli y orquídea azul fue a la universidad, para escapar de la coacción violenta nunca arreglaremos tu cabello para la noche de bodas fallamos en protegerte con una blusa de blanco Hombre de hielo le disparó un agujero en la cabeza Mamá mece tu pequeño cuerpo ahora muerto Todos los días miles de cuervos piden semillas Mientras contamos las cuentas de oración del rosario oh Claudia Que la cascada del cielo te traiga paz.

Caroline Gerardo © copyright July 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

Harvard Cambridge

Harvard Lampoon Building 44 Bow
Recent trip to Cambridge, as my sister teaches at Harvard Business School and she needed assistance after knee surgery. Summer in Massachusetts has a light feeling. There are tourists on campus and the restaurants with al fresco seating bustle from lunch until dark sundown at nine.
A stroll through the bookstore and the Grolier Poetry Bookshop are the
highlights of my trip.

Walk over the bridge to my sister's offices at H B S, I found myself
as usual turned around and couldn't spot the gold bell tower of
Baker Library among massive construction projects. The surrounding
streets of the other side of the Charles River clatter with
trenching, demolition and new construction. I hope the university
buys up some of the old garages, tire stores and commercial lots for
long term hundred year plans before they are all converted to lofts and
boutique hotels.
I share a couple lovely sites:
Giant allium four feet high swaying like space pom poms.
Jenny Holzer's Marble Bench warning business students to be kind
and the geese remain on campus from the winter.

Harvard Bookstore
English Building Harvard Campus 12 Quincy

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Smokey Mountains Hike

Spotting wildlife in the Great Smokey Mountains is free and fun.
There are many opportunities to experience nature.
Day hiking trails, camping in back country,
or just taking your family on the loop drive are all joyful surprises.
A couple tips:
Animals are most active early morning and before sundown.
Look for berry bushes and wildflower fields that they love.
Stay fifty feet away from them, they are unpredictable.
Do not feed them, block them, or taunt them from their lives.
Have your cell phone or camera ready for the moment, as
in the field above the bears only peek their heads up to spy
for seconds.
The park is free to visit. Day parking is no cost as well.
Bring mosquito repellent or a natural oils
such as citronella or eucalyptus and reapply often.
Do not leave any food out.
All firewood must be USDA approved because of beetles
and diseases.
Reservations for camping are made online here: https://www.nps.gov/grsm/planyourvisit/carcamping.htm/
There are horse trips, car camping, Glamping, RV parking -
many options for inexpensive $20 a night fees