Sunday, December 16, 2018

Making Magnolia Wreaths

Christmas Tradition
Making wreaths for friends
This is my first magnolia wreath.

The structure built of grape vines here on the ranch.
I take fresh cuttings and bind them in a hoop string.
If the weather is dry, the shapes are ready in a day.

Cut more than you think you need of greenery,
about three times the size of the wreath as leaves
are flawed or fail in the binding.

The only bought item is floral wire, the thin type
on a spool. Wrap groups of stems with leaves and flowers.
Stack heads together in bunches of threes and cut lanky ends.
Pull off around 40 good leaves and wrap bunches of 4-6 leaves
with the wire. I spray painted a few seed pods with a light touch of
white because they appeared a but dreary. These were also wired on
strips about twenty inches long. Start wiring the bunches to the
grape ivy wreath and secure the wires by twisting in the rear. Gently
flip the wreath back and forth filling in as you go. The last touches are
to add seed pods or pine cones if you have them.
I attached a red gros-grain ribbon for hanging in her home.

This year I made woodland wreaths, cactus, and succulent ones for
friends. It takes me about ten hours to make one finished forty inch
wide wreath,

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Rain Tears

Rain Tears

It rained for ChrisP.

Thereafter each day of 
our life when the sky 
pours a torrent or drop,
water tattoos membrane,
reminds of quiet courage.

God give his family the
strength to cry together.
Holy Mary hold them now.

God give us the force to
carry them on a million 
days, and nights ahead.
Holy Mary hold them now.

May they take rest in 
this boat protected to
again face the down 
rush of sorrow's and
trust love surrounds
in the currents 
in the flood
in death

Christian Patrick brave warrior died last night
Prayers for his family and love 

Monday, November 19, 2018

I Bought 20 Rakes For California

To Rake California
What would it cost?

There are 33,061,888 square miles of national parks in California, this does not account for road sides, county vacant lots, private ranch land, and other wild brush areas. 
It would take one man approximately six months working 40 hours a week to rake a flat square mile. Assuming half the terrain is rugged, it would take nine months, with no vacations. Paying him $40000 and buying nine $12 rakes, as they wear out. 
We have to provide uniforms, a trailer in remote areas, water to meet OSHA requirements and porta-potties... Okay 3 trailers, 3 water tankers, and color uniforms. I’m picking lime green uniforms, so they can see each other, and the bees won’t attack the employees.

Cost 1,078,227,968. – one billion for just some raking under the dead trees and three foot high dead brush.
Raking doesn’t get rid of brush that is three to four feet high; therefore, 
we need weed whackers first, and those create sparks, use gas and are about $ 500 for a commercial unit that works maybe six months, then needs cleaning and repairs. Employees need safety gear. Buy goggles, snake pants, high boots, ear hearing protect-ants, and dust masks – throw in four hundred dollars a head. Cost of some of these items to be replenished monthly; therefore, annual cost of one million dollars. 
Add in another billion for labor
Oh, wait, 
we need a dozer or three or fifty at $120000 each plus the licensed guy/gal at $90000 a year okay that’s $6,000,000 + $450,000
And lots of management that costs four times what the workers get, throw in two billion for them.
California must cut down the billion dead trees that the borer beetle, bad sucking moths and critters killed. 
We can’t move them, as it spreads the bugs. 
We can’t burn them, that gets out of control. 
Ah, yes, 
we’ll cut them up and bury them with the dozers building Hugelkultur compost piles the size of small mountains. This nourishes the earth, so the Sierra Club won’t protest my ideas. 
Anyone who protests, hand them a rake (20000 rakes at twelve dollars each). 
The brush is not green as in the above photograph.

We need four billion dollars to rake up California’s forests. 
We need to complete the raking and cleaning program every other year.

Make me rake czar and I can do it cheaper, maybe half price, as I will hire prison gangs that work fires and pardon everyone on marijuana possession. We can get students to work in the summer and forgive their student loans for minimum wage plus $30 an hour of loan balance.

Please advise what I missed in the comments.
We don't need to ask the Finnish President Sauli Niinisto says he never told
President Trump they rake their forests, and don't to prevent fires. "No raking cleaning and doing things..."
I bought 20 rakes come on by amd pick up my donation to start.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Enter The Garden Here

Garden Gate
      I lost a sign 
"Garden Gate."
I won't 
say someone took the
 joy I made
because it was
for me.
I've shared 
tomatoes, persimmons,
and avocados.
Given away  
heart and
made pies
from kabocha 
squash and jewel sweet potatoes.
All free 
All free
giving was 
for me       
so enjoy
the metal
picture I
pounded on
its free.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Le Fantôme Restaurant Montreal

Le Fantôme Montreal

This is not a restaurant.
This is performance art.
A romantic fantasy eve,
a taste of the past stirs
a perfume of the future.

There is no neon entry sign.
Build sculptures of candles,
burned upon other nights,
stars melt upon an altar.

Prix fix courses appear
as dreams of ancestors
to create magical dishes
Sit back, enjoy Čehrāzād's
stories to taste of heaven.