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Friday, January 20, 2017

What is Citizenship?

On Inauguration Day

What Is Citizenship?

Right to vote
Responsible to care
Risk to wrote
React to beware

Ready to give
Raise to defend
Race to live
Realize to end

Read to children
Reach to mentor
Recommend to amend
Resist to anger

This Inauguration Day I'm hopeful, ready and here.

I'm marching for the women in my life.
May you have opportunity, health care, and options
to grow in this great country The United States of America.
Womens' March #womensmarch

Rain at home

Oak tree at home

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Black and White Lining Up

Black and white and lining up. Three day weekend for projects.
Cross off the accomplishments on your list.

Weeded the hillside and planted five pounds of sunflowers.
Italian White, Lemon Queen and Red Sun reach up to
touch the Wolf Moon the other night.
Rain helped in the work, making the soil let go tap root filagree,
bristly mallow and bermuda buttercups. My hands ache. I like the
cheerful yellow buttercups but they are toxic to livestock. This
reminds me of outlet covers, baby proof dishwasher and cutting grapes
in halves. Caring is habit, makes me happy.

One of the Polish chickens, Red McRib recovered from "self poisoning."
She persists in eating succulents until drunk. I removed the plants; but,
she obsess on other dangers. Naughty teenager.
Update: tried a tiny pony tail on her to test if lack of eyesight is the
source of her crazy behavior.
Here's a pic:

Last weekend her party endeavors left
her shaking and blurred vision. Red black and gold
feathers scattering everywhere in a dervish.
She spent the week in the screened porch.
Isolation is hard on chickens.
I set up a soft box inside a huge plastic bin, and forced her to drink water and eat every two hours. Red's back with the crew, but not back to normal.
More skiddish and crazy yelling than before, sigh.

Below is a Kiger Mustang stallion. He visited a neighbor and is on his way
to Utah. These majestic horses are amazing.  He nods his head, yes.

I asked Dave Malone to edit the Climate Change novel, I'm still playing
with titles. Okay leave me a comment: Vote - 1. Climate Change
2. The Great Drought 3. you make it up the story is about a woman
prepper in the future when water is drastically scarce.

Began the next long form novel, and booked a studio for
the Audio book. The year ahead I have my plans written down. News
media has distracted us all. I'm reading everything, mistrusting main
stream media- frankly all print propaganda. Stay positive. Keep your
eyes open. Be extra kind to others. Big hugs to you all.

Anyone else going to Washington DC? Intercontinental Hotel Friday
night, I will join the Women's March at 10:00 AM bundled in a black
long faux shearling topshop coat and red white and blue scarf, willing
to help ...

Copyright 1/15/2017 Caroline Gerardo

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Love Past

Photo of You Looking Frail

Days blur
saw a photo peeking
frame frail skin dull same
saw  hunch walking
game google search name
saw posture fleeting

Memory fur
pick fuzz balls
man once now sand
pick bird calls
band lines the land
pick your falls

Past stir
heal all pain
shove aside love
heal us sane
dove cares above
heal core obtain

Copyright 1/14/17 Caroline Gerardo poem and photographs

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Light Your Soul

Sky is grey,  
sun in your heart.

Rabbi Saul not thrown from a horse
Midday prayer en route to Damascus
Blast of light calls to believe in Christ

My car:
flashlights, baseball bat, pump jack,
shotgun, stock man's rain slicker, 
scooby snacks and mani jewel hope.

Your trunk:

Altoids, gym bag, space blanket, 

firefly flares and water bottles.

Danger ahead:
Bokii and Barchenko
mesh Buddhism communism.
Faith keeps lips from drink

Himmer and Hess
sought Shambhala.
Fear stops press from speak

Nightmare fears of the day

teeth fall out chewing gum
chased by wild gendarmes
palm oil Nutella is  poison

Throw off orange jumpsuit
Cease texting while driving
limestone cave cannot save
Slap attorney seeks to ruin 

Be ready.
hand to the suffering

Be pure.
reach again to connect 

Saul became Paul
devout and caring

Light in your soul

Copyright 1/12/2017 Caroline Gerardo

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Homeless Moon

Homeless Moon Poem

New moon pulls seeds burst

Son huddles under 
blue plastic tarp, 
calls it a condo.
Teach him to watch clouds,
hovering over sea is trouble.
Cash acts a backpack pillow?

New moon pulls seeds burst

 Gold fall and 
green Faiche Stiabhna,
whisper its name
Tell him to write the recipe
hiding in a concrete crip.
Was the message hidden? 

New moon pulls seeds burst

Passerby ignore homeless
brown under nails,
smell like porta-potty
Speak mentor of roots,
a silky sound dulcimer.
Can you find empathy?

Crystal ball's blind 
if he gets off the street. 
Phases of moon encourage
a child to grow and flourish. 
He's seven. 
Dark blots the light.

Caroline Gerardo copyright 1/1o/2017