Thursday, September 13, 2018

Morrin Library Quebec

Morrin Library
Around 1712 the Royal Redoute was housed here along with a barracks and
cells for prisoners. It is unknown how many British prisoners of war died here.
The building was knocked down in 1808 and a new prison built 1813 for "citizens." This was called a common gaol. Novelist Philippe Aubert de Gaspé was held here for financial debt, and in 1867 it was closed. In 1868 the building was remodeled for an English language college. Morrin College is named after Dr. Joseph Morrin who was also the mayor. It was Presbyterian in a Catholic run nation, note the Canadians were not and are not fond of Englishmen.
The college closed.
The library remains open for about one hundred fifty years. The lending collection includes English language books in an adamantly french speaking city.
The library is free to visit. The prison half and ballroom require a tiny admittance fee. 

spiral staircase

book printing presses

glassed case of ancient phone books for genealogy

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Beach Poem

Vacation Poem

Son's college is Santa Cruz.
Mother heals purple bruise.
A vacation from the blues.
We're headed to Montreal, 
children in the car snooze.

Treasure time when we talk.
Days blur past on the clock
Eight days in the past year
Distance is too hard I fear.

I'm excited like a kid
girls not dis-bud or rid
safer for a farmer I guess
daughters at risk of mess.

Son's college is Santa Cruz
Mother heals every bruise.
A vacation from the blues.
We're headed to Montreal. 
Children in the car snooze.

Lion alone in the Arctic Sea
goats with beards are family 
seals eaten by polar bears
penguins find nature fair.

Mother lets children fly
praying they recall why

Poem and photographs copyright all rights reserved © Caroline Gerardo

Friday, August 24, 2018

Blue Jay Fly

Blue Jay Fly Poem

Pinnate compound leaves hold lamina arranged on a mid vein.
Ash trees in my garden struggle for life over photosynthesis.
Leaf torn from a petiole dies faster than a family together in pain.
Green perfumes of mint, thyme, and weeds without bitterness.

hear them?
see birds fly?
ask why?

Siblings support offspring with advice, worry, and care.
But what they need is fine example, water, and sunlight.
Every sunrise I share the rosary in whispered prayer.
Devoting to Mary the blue jay's call for clear foresight.

hear them?
see birds fly?
ask why?

Is there a day we stop worrying for our offspring?
I ask this, little bird as you eat peanuts and sing

copyright © Caroline Gerardo  August 24, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Holy Fire

Holy Fire
Wildfire clouds
#Holyfire threats during the day 
less worrisome than red night sky
what do we put in the emergency go box?
Passports, photographs, artwork my children
created for Christmas, not much else fits.
Perhaps all we need is two outfits and 
the books, and art can be recreated. 
If I painted the eclipse once, 
I can repeat the
pattern, right?

California wild fires are not
caused by bad water management.
The Climate Changed, the heat index
has dried up old growth trees to make
the bark susceptible to beetles, disease
and death.
praying for fog tonight.
Update the arrested a man Forest Gordon Clark who by arson and mean
heart set the fire. From what I gather he's the guy who screamed at neighbors
daily for imagined faults. He has big signs about surveillance.
He burned his neighbor's homes.
Don't say he's crazy, that is easy,  he is a black heart.
I hope he goes somewhere the heat index drys him out.
I spent the last two days packing and moving, no sleep.

Caroline Gerardo copyright August 7th 2018