Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ranch Life Sonnet

ranch life
cowgirl pokes sepia fire under Wolf Moon
evergreen scrub land dulls coyotes croon
save ash it's useful for compost and soap
up at dawn another mouse in the trap
no corrupt cop plants cocaine in a pack
smoking winchester rifle has my back
animal  hierarchies, strong is fair
men destroy the last acres of free air
ranch life
bleach the barn to kill rust carrying mites
in mourning solar dulls without the lights 
save hard earned money government will tax
kill all thieving evil with a broad axe

copyright November 18 2017  Caroline Gerardo

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Letter to Son At College

My Dear Son:

While you are away at college this year is challenging. You experience financial and emotional loss. Thefts of laptops, phone, engineering calculators and broken car windows during midterms cause frustration. You survive missing friends and girlfriend breakups. Living with a crowd of entitled kids is a mess.
All loss of stuff – can be fixed.

I struggle with three jobs. Writing is solitary, mortgage banking is brutal and cleaning up neighbor’s ranch is exercise but wearing on the joints. I work to pay for your college for you to avoid the yoke of student loans. I’m disappointed you won’t be home for Thanksgiving, but understand. You’re a grown man. Consider the choices of your future.

My advice:
  • Make backups of your college data work on the laptop – google docs, apple, AND a memory stick.
  • Work harder at school. If an assignment requires two hours labor, give it six.
  • Earn a voice in the classroom as the most caring student.
  • Review where you park –the car break, the hit and run, and the smashing in of the trunk are events related to location. Your college town is not safe.  Drug people, thieves and the desperate continue to wreak havoc. Park in well lit areas. When going to your car at night it is great to carry that cane, be aware of unusual action around you. I texted you the auto place that can add a louder alarm. Drop the car off, use our joint account.
  • Lock your doors. Lock your room door. Don’t leave the new laptop in the trunk.
  • Take a few moments before you react to problems.
  • Smile and make friends on campus.
  • Be a helper.
  • Thank God often.
  • Rather than ask “what’s in it for me?” Stand up to serve.

You have the tools to find your joy. Some days will be bad, some not much happens; but work with clarity and when you do your best, feel good. I love you.
With all my heart,

copyright November 15, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sea Lions

poem in 
they speak
they walk on land
they have flap ears
they talk very loud 
they have big family 
they enjoy the relatives, 
they like some, some not
they sunbathe and take naps
they gossip about nosy seals 
they have a harem of lion girls
they slow heart rate when diving
they are losing pups to lack of food
they can't handle warmer waters 
they eat clean fish to survive 
they swim 25 miles an hour
they need our support
they can't ask for it
they want love
they speak
they need
they love
sea lions

Caroline Gerardo
November 13, 2017 copyright 

Friday, November 10, 2017

My Pleasure

 My Pleasure   Poem

My pleasure to serve
My pleasure to fix
My pleasure to give
My pleasure to help

My pleasure

Fast food restaurants never serve spinach,
spoils soon, raises costs reduces profits.
Do not greet me to dine with Yogi bear.
Creep Speak, servant robots obey the boss
Greasy floor is no picnic with red pear.

My pleasure

I’m number five in line in the drive-through.
Badass behind honks horn and curses shit.
A bag of Reece Pieces in my car,
I get out and give him the solution.
“Hungry? Maybe this eases your heart wait.”
He says nothing but stops noise pollution.

My pleasure

Coyote carcass on the road in lanes
Hook a wince I haul it off to safety
There’s a man who drives wild past every day
coming and going, today makes contact
This one time he stops to help and I say.

My pleasure

Caroline Gerardo copyright  © November 10, 2017

Monday, November 6, 2017

Wildflower Poem

Wild Flowers

I keep on picking purple love flowers
to hunt for prey with butterfly powers.
A hand can clap the bug silver on skin,
a narcissist puts souls in death tailspin.

The moth eats cashmere iridescent chips.
To work three jobs that pay in little drips.
So bad suffering survives those stricken. 
The coyotes kill sweet natured chickens.

Drug dealers buy a burrito  silence.
  a free lunch in exchange for alliance.
Stealers seem to sneak away with murder.
Smiling, pack my wings in ziplock harbor.

But still
I will
keep on picking purple wild flowers.

Poem and images
copyright © 
November 6, 2017
Caroline Gerardo