Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Campfires and Outdoor Bath

Outdoor Bath

Soak trouble curls of steam
Dad gone twenty five years
Ghost brings morning tears
Chemical free in the stream

copyright march 6 2019 Caroline Gerardo

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Romantic love is fluid 
like clouds
like sand
it takes work
it needs time


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Blue Jay

Blue Jay
Found an injured scrub jay in November.
Aphelocoma Californica, in fact.
Because we have facts in print, remember.
Fear she would die before I found a Vet.
No animal control officer help.
Watched Youtube videos on how to set 
the blue jay's wing flapping like torn sea kelp.
Fed her drops of treats to regain her life.
Last weekend my son came home from college. 
Blossom, that is her name, is ready strong.
Opened her pen near the Okame trees.
She didn't fly, cocked her head, which felt wrong
Then a buzzing diddy came from the bees,
they are working and practicing their song.
Velvet cone flowers lift while she sails on.

What to do she has her boyfriend back for treats?

Caroline Gerardo copyright 1/26/2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Making Magnolia Wreaths

Christmas Tradition
Making wreaths for friends
This is my first magnolia wreath.

The structure built of grape vines here on the ranch.
I take fresh cuttings and bind them in a hoop string.
If the weather is dry, the shapes are ready in a day.

Cut more than you think you need of greenery,
about three times the size of the wreath as leaves
are flawed or fail in the binding.

The only bought item is floral wire, the thin type
on a spool. Wrap groups of stems with leaves and flowers.
Stack heads together in bunches of threes and cut lanky ends.
Pull off around 40 good leaves and wrap bunches of 4-6 leaves
with the wire. I spray painted a few seed pods with a light touch of
white because they appeared a but dreary. These were also wired on
strips about twenty inches long. Start wiring the bunches to the
grape ivy wreath and secure the wires by twisting in the rear. Gently
flip the wreath back and forth filling in as you go. The last touches are
to add seed pods or pine cones if you have them.
I attached a red gros-grain ribbon for hanging in her home.

This year I made woodland wreaths, cactus, and succulent ones for
friends. It takes me about ten hours to make one finished forty inch
wide wreath,

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Rain Tears

Rain Tears

It rained for ChrisP.

Thereafter each day of 
our life when the sky 
pours a torrent or drop,
water tattoos membrane,
reminds of quiet courage.

God give his family the
strength to cry together.
Holy Mary hold them now.

God give us the force to
carry them on a million 
days, and nights ahead.
Holy Mary hold them now.

May they take rest in 
this boat protected to
again face the down 
rush of sorrow's and
trust love surrounds
in the currents 
in the flood
in death

Christian Patrick brave warrior died last night
Prayers for his family and love