Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ahwahnee Belongs To Me

Hiked Yosemite 
ahwahnee woods belong to America snow
yosemite fog in snow

ahwahnee yosemite trees
Yosemite mossy trees in snow

John Muir cries

Railroad Delaware North Corp sued USA over loss of Ahwahnee Hotel, Curry Village... 
as business property

Who does Yosemite belong to?

Chief George Dick is my ancestor.

Canyon live oak, choke cherry and golden brodiaea are my sustenance.

Past years Delaware North (DNC) filed copyrights of
historic names, federal protected National Park lands in Yosemite.
DNC lost the contracts to concessions to Aramark.
Ha Ha they think.
Aramark will have to rename and re-brand every sign, napkin and rock in Yosemite.
"Go climb a rock,"  no more ~ patented words not allowed to speak on lips. 
March 2016 Ahwahnee Hotel becomes Majestic Yosemite Hotel. 

I alone brand Mariposa tulips.  

Shower in the fire of Horsetail Falls.

Employees at the hotel  know nothing

Decline to comment in shame.

Who cares if they paint over the hand 
trimmed borders in the rooms?

Who cares if greed walks off with the
hearth andirons? 

Who owns the names of history?

Whose right?

Filing my claim. 

Ahwahnee belongs to me.


ahwahnee yosemite stream

Poem photographs and video copyright © 2016 Caroline Gerardo
Do you think a Corporation (DNC) should keep our national treasures?

Friday, January 22, 2016



A familiar mug.

Not a tea cup. 
A sturdy arm.
Old boyfriend
threw it away.
Kids blamed
missing toys
on Tidy Bob.
"Tossed shit
on trash day"
Sneak stuff
out when the 
truck comes.
Miss that mug.
Our Halloween
decorations sit
in a landfill.
Breaking down
compost into
sunflowers in 
a new vase. 

sunflowers purple walls
Missing graveyard Dublin
graveyard hydrangeas
bridge to past
burned motor home
burned motor home

coffee mug

Poem and images
 copyright 2016
Caroline Gerardo

Tuesday, January 19, 2016



Keeps killing the shamrock plant
"Oxalis regnellii," I told him, "doesn't care
for wet feet."
Weed the garden with rubber clogs.
Imitation crocodiles that blister toes.
Be responsible for the earth.
Kindness scraping calloused hands, 
roses trim back for winter, and soon
blue and yellow skies turn to spring.
clover lucky boy

Caroline Gerardo Copyright Poem and images 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Be Great

Waves Today

Head gasket warped
White herons visited swimming pool
Stock market closed
Son texted loves me from college
Bad driver remarked
Ocean clears stones to cool
Attention divided
Goals with positive attitude
Giving heart worked

Be great today

Monday, January 11, 2016

Warm By My Fire

Life is not easy ~
Better with family and friends ~
light fire when chilly.
#haiku after a long afloat day. 

We fix problems now ~
give generator fuel out ~
I will hold your hand.
I'm handy that way

Road Trip Videos

Nothing staggering
Road trip short video

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Free Flower Seeds

Gallardia Pulchella
Painted Blanket
Indian blanket flower
Free seeds

email me your mailing
Multi colored or
blooms will be sunny
or cream
The bees cross pollinated
my flowers
you will find torch  yellow
my email is my name no dots or dashes at yahoo.com Follow Caroline's board Organic Gardening on Pinterest.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Waves Pound Haiku

Fingers hurt from work ~ thousand waves pound my muscles ~ rowing almost there.

It's Friday
I balance three employment activities
You do two things in this gig economy.
292 thousand new jobs added

Looking forward with joy to finishing
the construction work on the house and
Never never never use mastic to glue to drywall
Words of warning
We hung this beautiful blue cork board on son's wall
A mountain where he hung congratulations certificates,
blue ribbons, and photographs of teams and friends.
When he left for college the awards came down.

Misty ocean calls ~ lighthouse horn reminds from far ~ of the happy house.

2 haikus, thoughts and a video to make you smile
Caroline Gerardo

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Food Grows Where Water Flows

Food Grows Where Water Flows

Central California 2015
Rain fall catch us up
No interstate rail works
No system to retain water
Solutions can fill a cup