Friday, August 22, 2014

Thousand Steps Beach

Surf waves at thousand steps beach

Sharing my morning walk. Come rest your toes. 

We just climbed thousand steps beach stairs three times.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Star Gazing


star gazing though
I'm no astronomer.
Eyes are meteor tired this morning 
Sticking to my goals, worked late at the office,
ate healthy, edited twenty pages, hiked to the
canyon to see the Perseids shower alone.
How can I say alone when a crowd reached to see?
Strangers whispering and waiting for the sky to open,
sharing a moment with the ancients who sought answers.
Did the Greeks see the same gods as the Shosone?
Firmament reflecting earth, she delivered a 
few omens for us. A child spotted the most.
I'm sending you stars to light your way.
You know what bad habit to drop, execute the 
difficult chore first, don't waste morning on emails.
Get close to your dream right now.
I hand you the wishing star my friend.

antique star sky map poem

northern sky

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Perseids Meteor Shower

This post was 2014 this year 2016 I experienced three shooting stars and a cluster of meteor storm right after 3:00 AM August 11, 2016. set your alarm if you live away from city lights or fog the shower can be seen with your eyes - no equipment needed
Here's a link to check when the moon falls or goes down allowing a darker sky to see the stars - enter your local city read the time it rises and add 12 

Piero di Cosimo "Perseus"

Perseids Meteor Shower tonight-
Find a refuge away from city lights.
I'll be in Modjeska Canyon
facing due north.
Aries sits on the right of Perseus.
Perseus runs across in the sky.
Catch flaming comets falling -
sparklers from past 4th of July.
Did it burn your bare feet?
I wish upon the stars that
you won't have clouds and
the super moon don't meet.

Caroline Gerardo

My diagram to see the Meteor shower tonight at midnight for my children

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ending In Sight

End in sight on second revision.
This weekend:
worked Saturday with my friend Hillary
it wasn't a paycheck or productive, but we
enjoyed each other's company.

gardened, wrote, hiked, wrote, cleaned, wrote,
wanted to paint the sun shades but it sprinkled
enough to make the cars a mess
they say El Nino is coming,
go figure

edited forty pages but can't decide on the ending
realize I keep using certain words that when
I start the next novel I swear I will delete
here are my sinner darlings:
I think
specific to this novel the repeater / recycled are:

I'm using symbols and
images in the narrative to clarify
the voice that changes.
¥ § ҈ ‡ ∞

When I began this river, this rail
I thought the road was straight
I killed off a character who is sweet
let one get away with murder, again.
Does an ending have to be just?
It's 102322 words, I need to cut
more then send off to Dave Malone
for editing
Then another process of slashing
excess adjectives and adverbs
Sorry no punctation in this one,
just a long rain run on of what I think

© 2014 caroline gerardo
Misty and fog on California field

Rail fountain


Read Haiku

Bookcase caroline gerardo
Grab a book enjoy ~ morning light touches this once ~ sit happy and read.

open window to breeze in the garden

reading  chair