Monday, August 4, 2014

Ending In Sight

End in sight on second revision.
This weekend:
worked Saturday with my friend Hillary
it wasn't a paycheck or productive, but we
enjoyed each other's company.

gardened, wrote, hiked, wrote, cleaned, wrote,
wanted to paint the sun shades but it sprinkled
enough to make the cars a mess
they say El Nino is coming,
go figure

edited forty pages but can't decide on the ending
realize I keep using certain words that when
I start the next novel I swear I will delete
here are my sinner darlings:
I think
specific to this novel the repeater / recycled are:

I'm using symbols and
images in the narrative to clarify
the voice that changes.
¥ § ҈ ‡ ∞

When I began this river, this rail
I thought the road was straight
I killed off a character who is sweet
let one get away with murder, again.
Does an ending have to be just?
It's 102322 words, I need to cut
more then send off to Dave Malone
for editing
Then another process of slashing
excess adjectives and adverbs
Sorry no punctation in this one,
just a long rain run on of what I think

© 2014 caroline gerardo
Misty and fog on California field

Rail fountain

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