Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Star Gazing


star gazing though
I'm no astronomer.
Eyes are meteor tired this morning 
Sticking to my goals, worked late at the office,
ate healthy, edited twenty pages, hiked to the
canyon to see the Perseids shower alone.
How can I say alone when a crowd reached to see?
Strangers whispering and waiting for the sky to open,
sharing a moment with the ancients who sought answers.
Did the Greeks see the same gods as the Shosone?
Firmament reflecting earth, she delivered a 
few omens for us. A child spotted the most.
I'm sending you stars to light your way.
You know what bad habit to drop, execute the 
difficult chore first, don't waste morning on emails.
Get close to your dream right now.
I hand you the wishing star my friend.

antique star sky map poem

northern sky
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