Sunday, December 18, 2016

Moon and Back

My 2016 Moons

Don't observe full moon celestial orbs
Occultation of Aldebaran, gibbous moon
Wane shrinks and wax build up absorbs
Cross brightest star in the sky, we swoon 

Stellar eclipse allows lovers to pass
Full hunger wolf moon helps in hunt
Snow sifts after Yule melts the grass
Umbral shadow puts darkness front

Worm Moon comes round back gate 
Fields muddy crystaline calls robins
with earthworms miracle invigorate
The Crow Moon hears your sobs

Death of winter, Crust moon thaws
Brings Sap Moon forsythia gold
Aching breath from layers of gauze
Paschal Moon syncs stories told

Plant fields of crimson phlox
Pink Moon sprouts rose
Salmon opens tribal locks 
Dianthus upstream prose

Brood for the lovers lost
Flower or Milk is spring moon
Blue moon marks the costs
Time for corn, not to prune

Full Harvest autumn equinox
Leaves to ground, deer is fat
At dawn and dusk spot the fox
steal under the watch of the cat

Beaver moon moves ocean tides
Frosty light makes hearts swoon
Clouds of memory take rides
upon winter's lonely moon.

Caroline Gerardo copyright 12/18/2016
Moon and Back Poem

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