Monday, December 5, 2016

Star Knight

Star Knight


star pulse. 
It's a plane, 
circle pattern. 
Sleep stranger 
on  the red  eye 
bones seat belted.
A boy in a smurf
 hat travels space. 
Me alone under covers.
He's not an unaccompanied minor,  college physics books rest in the overhead compartment.  In between a drooler and a smelly fat man. John Wayne shuts tower for Newport slumber. Rest apple buds in rows. Flaps down unaware that open eyes face swarms of bees, condor cauldron of five hundred endangered wingspans stretch on tightrope wires.  They teach vultures to clear lines with electric shock therapy because touching two worlds: heaven or grave burns Icarus. 
Comet above cabin winks.
Passing the sun during
hour the plane is given
permission to land  it
will out gas, shows a
tail to be read by a
soothsayer. I'm here
to reveal the story.
Give love, hunger
 for art, get up upon
failure, each second
goes faster, you fly
 condor with purpose
feel the sound of lift slapping 
your soul, make a picture in closed
eyes to recall on days when dark takes
longer and you think an
earthquake breaks you. 
Study and fly my son!
You can
You will.

Caroline Gerardo Copyright 12/5/2016 dedicated to my son who
has finals week in University of California. Work hard! Healthy snacks,
all night cram  isn't much sticky brain help but re- read text books and think
about connective culture and research the landscape of internet they call fake news.
Often I think paid news, and paid press writers who I once adored are influenced by circles.
 Just circles, end of sentence... be tolerant and read more.

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