Friday, December 2, 2016

Garden Loved Sestina

Garden Loved Winter Fruit


Day Linda writes zero degrees without attention.
His awful silence saws her spine as sinewy knife.
Despite prayers / absolution, superstitions grow.
Dig trenches for olive tree wind break in garden.
Does future Ouija press oil to help blisters heal?
"Do time in her wrinkles," says the cruel mirror.

Daybreak french braid tresses without mirror.
Sections combine, hold steady pays attention.
Sing over under olly olly return sunshine heal.
Sound echos pain, rubber band clangs a knife.
Sage drys, aloe bubbles, salves in the garden.
Seeds of forget me not's barb sanguine grow.

Scorpion grass hitch - hikes on souls to grow.
Don't turn your jaw look upon a winter mirror.
Damn ghosts steal prism light in zen garden.
Done recall the man's text detailing attention.
Dead memory on dry hands balances a knife.
Dregs starved, mud evaporates, tears to heal.

Nights crack because grief therapy can't heal.
Tendril connection bind, cease mind to grow.
Terror think to escape the love of your knife.
Teach Linda to sway joy angle for the mirror
Talk kind, become: don't care girl; attention.
Taste chocolate tomatoes warm in our garden.

Bury your discarded fire ashes in the garden.
Broken urine combines with nitrogen to heal.
Behold: circumnutation coils for attention.
Bold Coral Bells Passion Vine starts to grow.
Become Artesian well of citric acid in mirror.
Marigold pyretherum cores bugs with a knife.

They tell you its time to put down the knife..
They irrigate, pour chloramine on the garden.
To be you, ball gown gorgeous in that mirror.
Think about the steps the feet dance to heal.
Those corns, old blisters from work grow.
Touch her  heart  with  listening attention.

Knife cuts out nonsense  about attention.
Garden winter fruit cures, satin time to grow.
Mirror mercury glass water logged to heal.

Caroline Gerardo
copyright December 2, 2016

Dedicated to Elaine, Lainey, Lucy, Carolyn, Kait,
Maggie all wonderful Poets

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