Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kindness Passes Lightening

Kindness Passes Lightning

Noah works strong, until the blitz
Armageddon shrivels souls in bits

Dose palms of oxy pills hide the pain
Snowflakes shards melt on black coat
Wool  recalls odor of a calf in the rain
Dreams become lost papers on a note.

Megiddo's a hill built upon graves
kindness opportunity rushes silent
lines in the highway flow in waves
holidays forgotten without hot riot.

Linear time  wipes out the past
Drips wear the wonder of crust
Aroma of rising bread  lost fast
A lover's necklace turns to dust.

Witness death of your child
sun on back, ashes apathetic
When nights thin mind wild
bitter peel shrivels lethargic.

Prism reflects from the river
Daily battles keep from seeing
What matters: is being a giver
All religions, good souls being.

Noah works strong  until the blitz
Armageddon shrivels souls in bits

Kindness passes lightening storms

Copyright 12/29/2016 Caroline Gerardo
poetry and photographs all rights 

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