Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Cheer

Get rid of holiday blues
Be simple
Be kind

fir branches, collect 
pine cones, eucalyptus, 
no poison ivy Toyon holly thornless
cactus is gorgeous but succulents are easy
green / red plants, wire, hangers, gloves, fishing line
bunches work same as cooking raw spinach, shrinks down.
Spruce, juniper berry, marjoram, pine essential oils no diffuser?
few drops on a plate cheer your soul
Be simple
Be kind

Hot soup - 
roast pumpkin cut in half 
(seeds removed skin on, soft face up to moon) 
generous olive oil in the pan, sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg
bake until the flesh is caramel brown and the house smells yummy
No pumpkin? Use butternut squash, fine chop: onion and garlic
portions unmentioned, saute in olive oil in big pot until clear 
add stock, salt, pepper, curry, add roasted gourd in the pot 
and simmer. Check and smash as it steams
To put in bowls use a spoon
of Greek yogurt
or go ahead
add heavy 

Melting Hat Story

Woman waits for her ride,
brown bag covers white hair.
Sorrel melts in the rain.
Linda asks, "You need a lift?"
"No, my friend is in route."
Inside the Pack and Ship store
lights shine on bubble wrap.
Linda enters, buzzer rings.
She's on camera overhead.
"May I ask a favor?" 
Man looks up from his T. V.
"No." he answers.
"See the lady out front?"
"Yeah, she sent a package."
"May she wait inside from the storm?
He looks up queerly, "Sure, You know her?"
"No but thank you kindly, really thank you."
Linda returns to the barrage, shouting over noise
of traffic and hail.
"Come inside. I'll wait for out here your friend."
"She might miss me?"
Linda insists, the old woman explains 
the make and model of the driver's car.
Windshield wipers of Linda's car keep
time with music on the radio. 
The woman now inside the store, 
with the man,
he  leans forward over the counter.
They smile.

Tamale Share Story

Rose waits in line at the mercado for masa. 
Grandmother's gone, but she holds 
 traditions of preparing tamales for 
Christmas Eve. 
The opportunity gathers teenage children 
as a binding party before the holiday. 

Ten dozen tamales 
pork, chicken, and pineapple
The recipe takes 120 ojas (cornhusks) and 
fifteen pounds of prepared masa. 
Rather than mix cornmeal, shortening oil, 
baking powder, and salt by
hand she orders pre-made dough. 
Braised and pulled meats steam at home. 
Daughter stirs the fillings and juices.

The mercado cannot locate the woman in front of Rosa's order. 
"Sold out, perhaps tomorrow, after six, we'll have extra to sell."
The woman ahead of Rosa looks down as if to cry.
"The bus doesn't run tomorrow, I planned to make these
tonight for my Bisabuela in the rest home with extra for nurses."
"Sorry, tomorrow, next in line."
Rosa interjects,"how many pounds do you need?"
"Five, it's okay, I'll buy the dry ingredients and start right away, maybe
I'll have them ready for lunch tomorrow.
"Cut a third off my order." Rosa says.

Caroline Gerardo copyright 12/25/2016

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