Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Solar garden lights out.
Elaborate expense,
ladder extensions,
tree scaling, 
critics saying the
LED blue / gold  
mis-match, batteries die.
Crystal drop TERRO,
herd of ants wipe out.

Sinus infection visits 
on darkest soot night.
Pain behind eyes 
and gums swell,
SNS stimulation.
Anxiety peaks alone
best at night.

OCD kicks covers off.
Steam nose, hunt 
for decongestant.
Sterilize surfaces
with bleached 
anti-microbial rags, 
get dust shards off.

In lack of light 
swollen eyes read.
Daughter texts, 
"What day we fly
to HAV?" Ignore the
question its too late
for an answer at 3 AM, 
look up the remaining
number Goodreads
goal of books to read.

Haven't booked trip to 
Cuba, flights
are six thousand 
dollars at Christmas. 
Clogged brain, 
a blinking sign says:
Glass blown decorations
tenderly wait in storage,
arrange for CHRISTMAS.

Copyright 12/7/2016 Caroline Gerardo

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