Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Homeless Moon

Homeless Moon Poem

New moon pulls seeds burst

Son huddles under 
blue plastic tarp, 
calls it a condo.
Teach him to watch clouds,
hovering over sea is trouble.
Cash acts a backpack pillow?

New moon pulls seeds burst

 Gold fall and 
green Faiche Stiabhna,
whisper its name
Tell him to write the recipe
hiding in a concrete crip.
Was the message hidden? 

New moon pulls seeds burst

Passerby ignore homeless
brown under nails,
smell like porta-potty
Speak mentor of roots,
a silky sound dulcimer.
Can you find empathy?

Crystal ball's blind 
if he gets off the street. 
Phases of moon encourage
a child to grow and flourish. 
He's seven. 
Dark blots the light.

Caroline Gerardo copyright 1/1o/2017 
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