Saturday, January 7, 2017

Speckled Stars

Rain brings challenges
Drought took hundred year old oaks in low lands.

Weed starves meadowpads
Mallow taproot gets her claws deep in the compost.

Steer avoid Russianthistle
Windwitch (tumbleweed) bakes in ricotta cheesecake.

Hand pain farming
Rose wax, jojoba, calendula ease cracking skin.

Planets dodge meteors
Filaree throws her seeds unwanted under stones.

Bones recall youthdew
Burclover, pigweed, flea bane of the past.

Breathe treasure oxygen
Prickle molecules of ancient lungs teach gardening.

Text message milkyway
Acronyms jumble instead be here holding me. 

Speckled Stars Poem

Caroline Gerardo 1/7/2016 
Copyright all rights reserved images and poetry are mine

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