Sunday, January 29, 2017



Scream silk burlap 
pee smokey smell
jump another log 
bull horn over swell.

Drug rave monsters
without pure marrow
are cauldron condors
who darken the sky.

Wings block light
thunder earthquakes
shock therapy blight, 
propaganda news fakes.

Touch electric wires
charges connect
killing the last
few that are left.

Build a fire 
 jewel hope heat  
frost from pyre,
hold friends close.

Under down comforter
we are immigrants.
raven sound trumpeter
Muslim, Jew, Protestants.

Sulfur pots of rust
stolen geyser promises
speak out you must
algae grows in silence. 

Porthole window open for firing cannons, to admit light, and air.

Copyright 1/29/2017 Caroline Gerardo

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