Thursday, January 12, 2017

Light Your Soul

Sky grey:  
sun in your heart.

Rabbi Saul not thrown from a horse
Midday prayer en route to Damascus
Blast of light calls to believe in Christ

My car:
flashlights, baseball bat, pump jack,
shotgun, stock man's rain slicker, 
scooby snacks and mani jewel hope.

Your trunk:

Altoids, gym bag, space blanket, 

firefly flares and water bottles.

Danger ahead:
Bokii and Barchenko
mesh Buddhism communism.
Faith keeps lips from drink.

Himmer and Hess
sought Shambhala.
Fear stops press from speak.

Nightmare fears of the day:
teeth fall out chewing gum
chased by wild gendarmes
palm oil Nutella is poison.

Throw off orange jumpsuit
Cease texting while driving
limestone cave cannot save
Slap attorney seeks to ruin. 

Be ready:
hand to the suffering

Be pure:
reach again to connect 

Saul became Paul
devout and caring

Light in your soul

Copyright 1/12/2017 Caroline Gerardo

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