Friday, January 20, 2017

What is Citizenship?

On Inauguration Day

What Is Citizenship?

Right to vote
Responsible to care
Risk to wrote
React to beware

Ready to give
Raise to defend
Race to live
Realize to end

Read to children
Reach to mentor
Recommend to amend
Resist to anger

This Inauguration Day I'm hopeful, ready and here.

I march for the women in my life.
May you have opportunity, health care, and options
to grow in this great country The United States of America.
Womens' March #womensmarch
I march because my daughter must carry mace in her purse because we live in an unsafe country. In America women who are raped are questioned about what they drank or what they wore. I march because although I began in 1988 working in job that was only men and I mentored other women and pulled them up, I know it's not enough. Corporate hierarchy is still 99% men. Men are paid more than women. Men are going to take away the only inexpensive health care for millions of women, claiming that Planned Parenthood is all about abortion, but costs for this are 3% of their budget. Women who can't afford pap smears, cancer checks and birth control will go without. All insurance costs go up, this is from out medical and pharmaceutical companies.
I attended a Women's College. I was an athlete in undergraduate school before Title Nine and worked out with the men's team. I'm old now but I experience cat calls. I march because I believe in God and country. I march because prejudice in America is real. Though my hair is blonde, I'm a minority in a white man's world. I march to call you out when facts are untrue. Don't take away my rights. I'm not against anyone. I march for constitution, the Presidency, and to hold you to the law.

Rain at home

Oak tree at home

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