Sunday, February 5, 2017


Grow My Son

Built strong house
Built raised beds
Built joyful life
But babies grow

Name Steve crows
at five months
 a teenager
Runty and persecuted
chick became a house pet.
Gradually re-introduced
to the flock, by night
black hoody ski mask

no children? 
lost dog or a cat?
heart like that?

 Husband barred me
from the door while 
baby cried 
read psyho babble
tough love book of 
bubbling spring sleep,
but pain's a watershed

Dialed 911 in days 
when people had home
phones, husband ripped
the cord from the wall

Stinking cry baby
escaped that man
Divorce doesn't end.

Name Steve is number 901
of miscarriages, children,
and adopted pets.

Morning free
range time and coffee. 
Call Name Steve to snuggle. 
He ignores.
Turns his back.
"Act like you don't know me lady,
 I'm deep under cover."

Yes, I recall, Pick me up from
school Mom, down the street

Pussy willows for sale
Goat sallow in spring
Plant echinacea 
under forsythia
golden health
Bloom my son 
find your joy
Miss you
Love Mom

Copyright Caroline Gerardo 2/5/2016 all photographs and poetry rights reserved

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