Sunday, November 27, 2016


                            *           ^             ^             ^              ^             *       
                                 a                  d                   v             e                n                   t
                               ##                 ##                $$           $$             ##              %%

That son drove miles home from college, as our advent returns.
Three on the tree, rust in cab, all weather tires drives us places.
Traditions change, first I'm not hosting holiday, bringing dishes.
The anticipation stirs a joyful; there's no Pinterest recipe for this.
To go ahead, look back, mountain lion mauled deer on the stones.
Thyme, sage, and basil  - smoke fills house - cause bees distress.
Table places set. No soot, no charcoal, no fire spark on wind pants.
Thanksgiving with other family moves away from  dis-functions. 
Talented sibling says: liar!  Where truck keys?  Escape bell rings.
 Through divorce struggle, insurance more than college payments.
Take off in open gown when radiologist sighs  before surgeries.
Tap clean windows for seashell echo of newsprint vinegar seas.
Tail of raven twitches on doe carcass, he knows where cabin lies.
Turn on mud flood road, skate to sanctuary for rare butterflies. 
Talents to ignore with silence, never show for its not anxieties.
Take lover who treats your core as not as chosen, not pretties.
To return after prison spell, dig up clover seeds in coffee cans.
Though means well, confess sins, forgot to cover mouse traps.
Those excuses...
Today start over, walk those open hearts.
These hands ready, Mailed blankets to Fort Yates.
Time to listen, hope and be kinder begins.
Thus prepare the robbed, shunned, and lonely for festivities. 
The list ahead is full of jobs, jot notes in the phone to pages.
The King comes.

Advent Poem
Copyright Caroline Gerardo November 27, 2016
Photograph I took at Flannery O'Conner's home

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