Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nighthawk Rodeo

Nighthawk Rodeo 

Talk negative multiplies 
ranch dogs escape midnight
Talk negative multiplies

moon works to break clouds 
Jefferson, a male, creates holes
 bull with a rope at his privates
 time for a party say the puppies
 escape artists have no worries
 boy's 12 gauge fire crackers
boots on for two step dances.

Talk negative multiplies
free ticket watch for coyote
Talk negative multiplies

jerky treats, not our dogs 
 I'm a Mom with kindness
come chase nighthawks
flashlights on hooting owls
no worry muddy pajamas
brave thunder silly hats
share joy seeps in souls.

Nighthawk Rodeo Poem
copyright Caroline Gerardo
November 20. 2016

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