Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Purple Martin Found Amelia Earhart

Purple Martin Found

Condominium built on hopes
crowd of swallows creates
Homeowner Association copes
clamor close confines grates

Blame Clytemnestra 
Or ask Electra?

Serve rites of the dead  
Barnstormer songs of past
sing cher zweet and ched
express cannot last

Purple Martin Found 

Fate frustrates aerospace
Kingfisher one engine plane
double vertical tail race
wait on an island in pain

Purple Martin Found

Call Poncho silky spy?
Riding Club tests disaster 
her bird house burned asking why
Black martin flying faster.


Purple Martin Birdhouses from Centreville.
Dedicated to Amelia Earhart

copyright Caroline Gerardo November 1 2016

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