Saturday, October 29, 2016


Halloween on a weekend
Max votes for change! 
Last Saturday of October,
Rocktober, we prefer.


Turn off news.
Camp Pendleton range live ammo 
burns south of the ranch.

Beat alarm,
hike to greet sunrise 
at Mount Mine.
Forgot phone.
Forgot notebook.

Story ideas finish 
dry poem editing.
Liquid words flow unwritten.

Jupiter touches moon with curtains closed.
 Storm clouds hold sky captive.
Good omen Cleveland sage, not for writing.

Back in the cabin: idea headaches.
Did I drink box wine firmament?
Sulfide stuffy brain forgot the stanzas.
Jupiter did you take dictation?
Black coffee tastes of campfire perfume.


Keep writing, prickles return.

Caroline Gerardo Copyright October 29 2016
Images: windows in San Juan Bautista, burned field outskirts of
Creston, CA, The bean with my son video. 
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