Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Simmer

I love Fall
Simmer garlic, onions, peppers and squash...
Vegetables picked before I let the chickens out at dawn.
Shush don't point to poultry there's feed in the lower garden.
You'll find it strange if I tell the names of the chooks.
Dixie is a speckled Sussex. She's first. 
Dixie leads a chick band, though she isn't the largest or a rooster. 
Dixie is the daughter of my neighbor's male from his rogue visit.

Yesterday I picked the last pumpkins up from the raised beds, 
they stand guard outside the front gate. 
Chickens will eat pumpkins before Halloween if inside.

Last night coyotes yelped and hollered at three A.M. 
With mag flashlight in hand, 
I went out to have a meeting with them.
They know I have a shotgun.
"Want me to drive down to the barn and settle this?" I yell.
They gather, silent. No snickers about my nightgown.
Answer came from Dr's barn in the canyon where 
puppies cry and the big dogs growl.
Ursula Major and Minor point towards
solar lights in the valley below. 
Glow shares from stars to crescent moon,
platinum against a cloudless dome.
Coyotes look up with me in that moment.
The pack's paws crunch on ash leaves,
scattered on rocks, now become softer.
Coy wolves leave without argument. 
"Try luck with bucks grazing in the oak grove," 
I whisper to their long gone tails. 

Copyright October 8 2016 Caroline Gerardo
3 garlic cloves cut very fine
1 whole onion (type you have) chopped well
1 bell pepper chopped up (more coarse than the first two)
1 carrot chopped fine
saute above in cheap olive oil on medium about a tablespoon of oil
1 cup chopped squash - you pick the type - but peel it
add squash to saute and cook a minute
add 2 cups vegetable stock or chicken stock (don't tell my chickens about the stock)
tablespoon thyme leaves yes not teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon oregano
tiny sea salt to taste start with 1/4 teaspoon depending if stock is salted then none
tablespoon of soy sauce
hot peppers to taste (this amount and type up to YOU)
Allow to simmer
do you have a hot soup blender? use it to cream half the soup
You don't have a soup blender then use your fork best you can
If you like creamy add 1/2 cup greek nonfat yogurt at the end just as you serve
slice basil in threads and place about a tablespoon on top
Yummy soup is ready
Happy #NationalFarmDay

My neighbor's pen

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