Sunday, October 23, 2016


be kind life is short

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Americans open potty mouth 
Elections bring out worst 
unfriend them on Facebook, but
eat their homemade cookies;
but curse their mother-
 your freedom words online
let loose your filter. 
Century wood stove flings
burning shit on their name.

Car cut you off Nürburgring?
Hail horn, pull out a 22 bought
from rude Cabela's clerk.
You said "go fuck hell."
Okay, your grammar faults,
ask for a case for the gun 
because you're entitled.
Clerk goes home hungry from his
minimum wage job.

Dog on internet snuggles a baby, 
makes tears come out; but a child 
flooded, homeless, kidnapped, 
orphaned by bombs...
skepticism stops you from typing, 
"What do you need?
Give 50 cents to corrupt Red Cross.
Why ?

Dog has a heart.
Your core has love let it out,
empathy grows aching,
no-one taught chase 
a ball with 'fever love:
clean water, education, safe.
You know answers
 ready to show,
not cop out, say, "I'm
voting and reading words," 
because every step
 we Must ask:

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