Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fly Fishing Artist

Ode to Michael Brewster

All days in and near water.
Met Master Fly Fisher Man eighteen years past. 
This famous fly tier and angler became a teacher.
Create Ginger Quill, Gold ribbed hare's ear 
and pale morning dun of string. 
He taught casting, conservancy and cooking.  
Lessons share different by students:
forever one in nature;
become conservationists;
catch and release; 
or saute salmon on open fire.
Rare Apache trout braves the life of an artist.

Michael taught connection with nature.
He showed courage.

Dressing flies: a silly life,
think what you will;
I swim with steel head.
Grateful to use my gills.

Thank You Michael Brewster
Rest in Peace. 
September 27, 2016 
copyright Caroline Gerardo for words, images and video

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