Monday, September 26, 2016

Little Lakes Poem and Videos

Little Lakes Fly Fishing

Slabs of Kimberlite press ribbon of quartz.
Ultramafic rock lines bridge over Little Lakes.
Volcanic eruptions formed hidden diamonds, as
lovers under covers, puppy streams between
dogs like water get into fissures.

Tie flies before Rock Creek hike.
Mosquito Flats creates feed for trout. 
Every minute of climb a new pool:
Marsh Lake, Heart Lake, Box and Long Lakes
Early Explorer sans poetic imagination rule.
Climb faster than Big Horn sheep - jewels are yours.
Ruby and Gem Lake side trips deliver glacier schools
Swim with Paiutes and tourists but for
heaven's sake don't scare the fish.

Puppy swimming back in Little Lakes

examine for Golden Trout

Caroline Gerardo September 2016 copyrights 
for poem, video and photographs are mine.
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