Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ahwahnee Belongs To Me

Hiked Yosemite 
ahwahnee woods belong to America snow
yosemite fog in snow

ahwahnee yosemite trees
Yosemite mossy trees in snow

John Muir cries

Railroad Delaware North Corp sued USA over loss of Ahwahnee Hotel, Curry Village... 
as business property

Who does Yosemite belong to?

Chief George Dick is my ancestor.

Canyon live oak, choke cherry and golden brodiaea are my sustenance.

Past years Delaware North (DNC) filed copyrights of
historic names, federal protected National Park lands in Yosemite.
DNC lost the contracts to concessions to Aramark.
Ha Ha they think.
Aramark will have to rename and re-brand every sign, napkin and rock in Yosemite.
"Go climb a rock,"  no more ~ patented words not allowed to speak on lips. 
March 2016 Ahwahnee Hotel becomes Majestic Yosemite Hotel. 

I alone brand Mariposa tulips.  

Shower in the fire of Horsetail Falls.

Employees at the hotel  know nothing

Decline to comment in shame.

Who cares if they paint over the hand 
trimmed borders in the rooms?

Who cares if greed walks off with the
hearth andirons? 

Who owns the names of history?

Whose right?

Filing my claim. 

Ahwahnee belongs to me.


ahwahnee yosemite stream

Poem photographs and video copyright © 2016 Caroline Gerardo
Do you think a Corporation (DNC) should keep our national treasures?

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