The Lucky Boy

I posted this in March, the novel is complete. I am in the process of posting images and promotional feeds. I am very excited at this crossroads 10/31/2011 The Lucky Boy

4000 words a week. Good words. For the novel
I am 90% of my first draft of what is now titled - LUCKY.
 The word count is 146221 and needs slashing next time around.
Started using Twitter March 30 and will post on twitter 15 minutes a day.
Bored with Facebook and Linkedin.

Blog posts - 3 a week of 100 -300 words on books. I am reading, ordering, marketing other indie authors. 
One blog post a week on writing or thesaurus or flash fiction piece.
Not submitting work anywhere.

Maintain answers to recent media inquiries with rapid emergency turn time.

Day job make Dough 9-5 with happy attitude and joy.
Teach my teenagers to take care of the pets so they won't die.
Run or walk and pray every day.
ROW80 link