Monday, October 16, 2017

Those I Chose at the Lakes

Those I Chose

What Wildfire destroys, nature patches
First herbs, hickory, and oak of ashes

Oxidation burns revolves 
Volatilization dissolves

Leaving vapor in drought
Sequoia seeds heat sprout

Those I Chose

Memoir of Loves who fail
Lies scurry under deep trail

Rest spins the wheel
Time does not heal

Sun howls moon climbs
witness to heart crimes

Those I Chose
to give time to grow 
to love every

Caroline Gerardo
Those I Chose Poem
poetry and images copyright
©  October 16, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Book Covers I love

Blue book splines
Jean Paul Grenwalt's company  Book Arts

Canadian BOOK binders


Sunday, October 8, 2017

House Of Stone

House of Stone Poem
Arroyo toad snuck in nights.
Amphibian trying for days.
Art in screen porch orchids
at home late scurry freezes 
a kit fox back for chickens?
another prowler in stables?
automatic mass weapons?
abandoned  house of stones
accept still scorpion hides
all ur envy green is whites
As from tower waterfalls
and fear runs no oceans.
I'm not afraid of bears.
Lord wash all my sins.
Alzheimer memories 
all toads in rat traps.

Notes about today's poem
Arroyo toads are endangered but there's a number of them on the ranch.
January's rain conjured their ancient eggs. They were active in spring,
our days are warm but they know it's fall. Nights grow longer, and
evening starts at 6:50 in town but 6:20 here as the mountain blocks the southern
sky. The toads hunt for a place to stay for the winter. In the summer one got caught
in a rat trap, daughter nursed his bum leg. Funny to care for all types of creatures
you will think.These toads are toxic to humans and animals, can cause death by touch.
He healed and released, haven't seen him since August; but a couple
of his girlfriends hop in the greenhouse/ screened porch at night.
Like you I saw the suffering in Vegas, my work organized a thank you
note program for first responders. If interested contact me. Thousands of people,
as Mr. Rogers might say if here, the helpers, saved lives need us to risk picking them up and
healing the poison.
Images are from my last trip to Iceland.
Much love and don't be afraid of the bump in the house.
A madman a terrorist checks into a hotel with a golf bag
of ammo and we mourn his mean acts.
I wont be stopped.
All rights reserved copyright  ©  Caroline Gerardo October 7 2017

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Life flux trembles 
Name him madman
Label doesn't heal
Time doesn't heal
Steam burns then disappears

Evil conjure symbols
Call her witch
Label doesn't heal
Time doesn't heal
Steam rises and disappears

Crush ancient vessels
Dance upon shards
Time doesn't heal
Steam disappears.
Stirs energy.

Caroline Gerardo Steam Poem copyright  © October 2 2017 photographs of geothermals in Iceland and all rights reserved. Reference to Las Vegas Sunday

Monday, October 2, 2017

Battle Born

Battle Born

Nevada Flag


say rosary