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Monday, December 5, 2016

Star Knight

Star Knight

star pulses. 
no its a plane, 
circle patterns. 
Sleep stranger 
on the red eye 
from New York.
A boy in a smurf
 hat travels space. 
I'm alone in my bed.
He's not an unaccompanied minor,  college physics books rest in the overhead compartment.  In between a drooler and a smelly fat man. John Wayne shuts tower for Newport slumber. Rest apple buds in rows. Flaps down unaware that open eyes face swarms of bees, condor cauldron of five hundred endangered wingspans stretch on tightrope wires.  They teach vultures to clear lines with electric shock therapy because touching two worlds: heaven or grave burns Icarus. 
Comet above cabin winks.
Passing the sun during
hour the plane is given
permission to land  it
will out gas, shows a
tail to be read by a
soothsayer. I'm here
to reveal the story.
Give love, hunger
 for art, get up upon
failure, each second
goes faster, you fly
 condor with purpose
feel the sound of lift slapping 
your soul, make a picture in closed
eyes to recall on days when dark takes
longer and you think an
earthquake breaks you. 
Study and fly my son!

Carroline Gerardo Copyright 12/5/2016 dedicated to my son who
has finals week in college. Work hard!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Garden Loved Sestina

Garden Loved Winter Fruit


Day Linda writes zero degrees without attention.
His awful silence saws her spine as sinewy knife.
Despite prayers / absolution, superstitions grow.
Dig trenches for olive tree wind break in garden.
Does future Ouija press oil to help blisters heal?
"Do time in her wrinkles," says the cruel mirror.

Daybreak french braid tresses without mirror.
Sections combine, hold steady pays attention.
Sing over under olly olly return sunshine heal.
Sound echos pain rubber band clangs a knife.
Sage drys, aloe bubbles, salve in the garden.
Seeds of forget me not's barb sanguine grow.

Scorpion grass hitch hikes on souls to grow.
Don't turn your jaw, look upon a winter mirror.
Damn ghosts steal prism light in zen garden.
Done recall the man's text detailing attention.
Dead memory on dry hands balances a knife.
Dregs starved  mud evaporates tears to heal.

Nights crack because grief therapy can't heal.
Tendril connection bind, cease mind to grow.
Terror think to escape the love of your knife.
Teach Linda to sway joy angle for the mirror
Talk kind, become: don't care girl; attention.
Taste chocolate tomatoes warm in our garden.

Bury your discarded fire ashes in the garden.
Broken urine combines with nitrogen to heal.
Behold: circumnutation coils for attention.
Bold Coral Bells Passion Vine starts to grow.
Become Artesian well of citric acid in mirror.
Marigold pyretherum cores bugs with a knife.

They tell you its time to put down the knife..
They irrigate, pour chloramine on the garden.
To be you, ball gown gorgeous in that mirror.
Think about the steps the feet dance to heal.
Those corns, old blisters from work grow.
Touch her  heart  with  listening attention.

Knife cuts out nonsense  about attention.
Garden winter fruit cures, satin time to grow.
Mirror mercury glass water logged to heal.

Caroline Gerardo
copyright December 2, 2016

Dedicated to Elaine, Lainey, Lucy, Carolyn, Kait,
Maggie all wonderful Poets

Sunday, November 27, 2016


                            *           ^             ^             ^              ^             *       
                                 a                  d                   v             e                n                   t
                               ##                 ##                $$           $$             ##              %%

That son drove miles home from college, as our advent returns.
Three on the tree, rust in cab, all weather tires drives us places.
Traditions change, first I'm not hosting holiday, bringing dishes.
The anticipation stirs a joyful; there's no Pinterest recipe for this.
To go ahead, look back, mountain lion mauled deer on the stones.
Thyme, sage, and basil  - smoke fills house - cause bees distress.
Table places set. No soot, no charcoal, no fire spark on wind pants.
Thanksgiving with other family moves away from  dis-functions. 
Talented sibling says: liar!  Where truck keys?  Escape bell rings.
 Through divorce struggle, insurance more than college payments.
Take off in open gown when radiologist sighs  before surgeries.
Tap clean windows for seashell echo of newsprint vinegar seas.
Tail of raven twitches on doe carcass, he knows where cabin lies.
Turn on mud flood road, skate to sanctuary for rare butterflies. 
Talents to ignore with silence, never show for its not anxieties.
Take lover who treats your core as not as chosen, not pretties.
To return after prison spell, dig up clover seeds in coffee cans.
Though means well, confess sins, forgot to cover mouse traps.
Those excuses...
Today start over, walk those open hearts.
These hands ready, Mailed blankets to Fort Yates.
Time to listen, hope and be kinder begins.
Thus prepare the robbed, shunned, and lonely for festivities. 
The list ahead is full of jobs, jot notes in the phone to pages.
The King comes.

Advent Poem
Copyright Caroline Gerardo November 27, 2016
Photograph I took at Flannery O'Conner's home

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nighthawk Rodeo

Nighthawk Rodeo 

Talk negative multiplies 
ranch dogs escape midnight
Talk negative multiplies

moon works to break clouds 
Jefferson, a male, creates holes
 bull with a rope at his privates
 time for a party say the puppies
 escape artists have no worries
 boy's 12 gauge fire crackers
boots on for two step dances.

Talk negative multiplies
free ticket watch for coyote
Talk negative multiplies

jerky treats, not our dogs 
 I'm a Mom with kindness
come chase nighthawks
flashlights on hooting owls
no worry muddy pajamas
brave thunder silly hats
share joy seeps in souls.

Nighthawk Rodeo Poem
copyright Caroline Gerardo
November 20. 2016


Friday, November 18, 2016

Pyramid Mission

Pyramid Mission

deep breath 
find buried glove
Saint Anthony find this: 
gun, ammo, sling shot, arrows,
yew, buckeye, castor, thorn apple,
affordable armored S U V vehicles
wall footing four feet below sea level,
god we must have clean water or perish,
rain gutter, well, solar pump, aqueduct steal, 
goats, bees, chickens, big dogs, hoes, shovel, 
knives, Kerr jars, rat traps, peanut butter, seeds,
glue, fruit tree sapling cinnamon for root propagation,
storage tank, battery, do we care about USB connections?
Disposable cell to call Mom no wait she's here sick, I pray, add
cell patch, antibiotic, anti-inflammation, regenerate oxygen drugs,
fishing line, duct tape, razor blades, wide shoes, snake venom please
tunnel digging locks hide cache, praying skip loader doesn't go to mass,
pyramid of concrete blocks to weather storms hiding gallon cans of peaches
Did I forget to pray Saint Anthony? Please find list of supplies and keys to Canada

Pyramid Mission Poem
Caroline Gerardo copyright November 16, 2016