Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Code Word is Bunny

First day of Spring 

before a kiss goodbye

remember darlings

code word is bunny
wear  shoes that run
sephora pepper spray
a whistle on a chain
sheath pocket knife 
camera on the porch
cell phone charged
practice hide drills
watch strangers act 
a civil defense duty
to record crime live
be so ready to fight
do cover your head
map escape access
do not be impaired
know all neighbors
work plan to escape
carry all medication
phone as flashlight 
objects as weapons
plan other escape
the meeting place
yes we are ready
wear brave smile

copyright Caroline Gerardo March 20 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Joe Fay Lyric Essay

Painted Totem Birdhouse with cat and three birds

Black Headed Grosbeak a songbird

fish crow whose nasal calls ring from salt marshes

Young Gray Jay, hearty bird in cold

Excerpt from Lyric essay to be published:

Joe Fay’s angler fly-rod flexes luring a trout, imitating the flight of an insect. Joe Fay’s paintings at LA Artcore perch for a moment, ready to take flight into a dream-scape. An answer to a bird call, “fee bee o, ”  from the Alder Flycatcher’s mate arrives in a kaleidoscope of tropical music heard by Paul Gauguin in another time.  The paintings sing in zig-zag patterns that pick at childhood memories of marble painting, hot summers skipping rocks in creeks, and rick rack birdhouses gone wild.

Fay pulls you upon a journey. Back to waka poems, or Ebru of the 10th Century were inscribed upon drifting sandpaper. Reminds of the Turkish marbling you tried to imitate, not knowing ancient Persians also used colorful clouded papers, only to find your hands muddied by the combination of red and green. Fay doesn’t use earthly umber or brown, he revels in joyful hues of merlot, magenta, lapis, and cerulean.

Don’t think the palette is primary colors. Fay doesn’t wax heavy-handed. His brush is a slender stream that wicks and tears wet paint into streams of thickets of acrylic. With pointed wings, Fay draws birds of Montana, friends he knows well. Aerial feeders open their beaks to the sky. A Black Crowned Night Heron watches from a neon branch for its prey. Ravens circle a landscape as if enchanted by a spell.  The thick soup of foam and paint glisten as jewels sprayed clean by morning mist. Paint appears to continue bleeding like a stream of marshmallow. I refer to the sap of the Althaea officinalis which was reserved for gods and royalty of the ancient Egyptians, nor corn starch.

Fay’s show includes drawings on paper with his signature zip tie language, works on canvas, fans, and birdhouse sculpture reliefs with beaks that scare off predators. Nature flows upon the canvas.
Los Angeles welcomes back Joe Fay from his migration from Montana. The show is up until March 28th.

Video below shows the viscosity in the paint, plus clips from his thoughts live at the exhibition.

120 Judge John Aiso Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012

copyright  © all rights reserved images, video and lyric essay
 Caroline Gerardo 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dance At Every Chance Poem

Dixie Dance

At 5 A. M. jump from bed chores need care.
Break all  ice on top  ~     of the water bowls.
Dogs are first, because I can't stand their stare.
Bourguignon stew in congealed hunks of meat.

Next feed cats, go let out the chickens, beware.
Blue jays wait on a rail for spilled cracked corn.
We make it until    ~    next harvest with prayer.
Just enough fodder   ~    left from summer sun.

Rubber knee boots for the barn hike I wear
Wrap a wool scarf   ~   I see Dixie is gone.
She pecks at my outfits as a fashion flair.
Call her for treats as other chooks scramble.

Heavy heart's a weight tears bubble rain.
Pups remind ~ responsibility waits.  
Failure as a mother causes me pain
Damn coyotes stole innocent away.

A parent should not out-live their pet
Scorpions in firewood, crabs in the pond
Teach the babies to tuck, run and not fret
Return to the cabin to find feathers.

A surprise daughter feeding Dixie bugs
There on the grass we do a joyful dance
Celebrate life chances for loving hugs
Share all you can before they disappear.

Remind to give Dixie slices of pear

Caroline Gerardo copyright © 
poem and video February 21, 2018 all rights reserved

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

For Kazemi a Stump Ghazal

 A Call to Say you Leave for Paris in an Hour

I will go to Paris?
With last few trees
I want to learn more
I want to thank you
You are to delete me?

How will I know Rome?
Po river bronze or gold
I want to learn more
I want to thank you
You are Mars of Todi.

Am I a mere potter?
Main love is complete
I want to learn more
I want to thank you
Leopard of iron oxide.

Why wave goodbye?
Valentines Day tears
I want to learn more
I want to thank you
For I am only C. G.

Poem and image Copyright February 14, 2018 Caroline Gerardo

Monday, January 15, 2018

Poem Resolution

Avoid Prius and Civic drivers
Be a listener for my children
Care of flowers in the garden
Do things that overcome, fix
Earn trust of creative souls
Find the one true love
Go where heart is happy
Hunt for beta reader to edit
Ignore aches when I hike
Jump at opportunity to travel
Know my worth and say no
Love earthly and celestial 
Manage money to grow
Need organic healthy food
Opt away from drinking 
Pray the rosary daily
Quit negative self-doubt
Remember greet morning
Savor change is my path
Thankful grateful appreciate
Undo knots that waste time
Value my plans and goals
Wear a coat of strength
X's are not my worry
Yearn for better and do so
Zzz for sleep to recharge

Caroline Gerardo copyright 2018