Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Calf Devotional Poem


Calves hide in the orchard, they know better.
Thieves hack your bones until ice remains.
Scratch like ingrown hairs inside a sweater.
True hearts pump love in arteries and veins.

Tell me health is not fixed by a pharma pills.
Climate changed already and will once more,
Corp oil drilling and mining always spills.
Stand up to fake news with an elephant roar.

Springs of fracking leads to flames at the tap.
Transformation happens water to wine.
Cow bells ring in each Alabama clap.
Martyrs curves of meatless scrolling vine.

Though outnumbered, lacking power.
Sing long up high upon a bell tower.

Caroline Gerardo copyright 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sugar Cookie Recipe

  • Brenda Dougherty Gilb's cookie production 2017 above
  • What you need:

Sift dry ingredients flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside if humid day- cover in a bowl. 

Place butter and sugar in mixer and beat until creamy and the color of eggshell or goats milk.
Mixing well is important 
Add egg and milk and beat to combine for about a minute or less. You can use two egg whites instead of one large egg. This makes the dough a tiny bit whiter if you want to decorate the cookies as snowflakes. Add the little splash of vanilla. Tell me you aren't using imitation vanilla. IF you don't have real bourbon vanilla skip the ingredient...
Turn mixer off scrape off beaters. Go ahead taste. Maybe it needs a pinch, no maybe you need a glass of wine?
Slowly add flour with a fork, and beat with hand wire wisk until mixture pulls away from the side of the bowl. Takes about 2 minutes if room temperature is 70 and dry day
Divide the dough in half, wrap in waxed paper, and refrigerate for 2 hours.
Dough needs to remain cold to roll properly.
Take one ball out of refrigerator.
Grease the metal cookie baking sheets with salted butter and put in refirgerator
If you happen to own the luxury of marble countertop (I no longer do in my little cottage)
the process is easier than on wooden board.
Sprinkle the board or surface with a snowy layer of powdered sugar (a teaspoon)
and take your hand in curve and put a teaspoon in the hand- rub over and on the
rolling pin held over the board allowing the excess to fall. 
Roll to an even quarter inch thick.
If dough warms put back in refrigerator covered with wax paper and turn house heat down.
The dough should be able to shake, slide and skate upon the powdered sugar on the board.
Cookie baking sheet (thin metal kind) should be COLD before you move the cut out shapes
Heat oven to 375 degrees 
When oven is ready put cookies into oven and at 4 minutes turn the metal tray - from twelve o'clock to three o'clock - not a whole spin just a little turn in the oven. Don't remove from oven. Do this trick quickly to keep the heat at even temperature. Not a pirouette, just a turn.
I found last year that using my cell phone as a timer was handy. 
At eight minutes look at the cookies. IF edges are slightly brown they are done. If still white wait one more minute. Total cooking time 8 -9 minutes.
Temperature, ovens, moisture and weather are part of getting this down to perfect.
Cookies should have room around them. When you put on the sheet they need about an inch and a half on all sides.
Cookies done- allow to cool a couple minutes before you move them to the decorating surface.
Now you need some helpers. Make a couple bowls of icing. 
stick salted butter
box powdered sugar
teaspoon vanilla
A tablespoon or more of whipping cream ( buy the little carton of whole whipping cream)
Beat for about 2 minutes - if you want it thinner add more vanilla or cream

Monday, November 27, 2017

New York Times Nazi Interview

NYT Interview with Nazi horse
Are You
bleach steed
chalky Arabian 
Royal Lipizzaner 
Russian Kabardin
pasty aristocrat 
ivory thoroughbred
intelligent eyes 
milky swan necks
ballerina blue bearings
 black bred out mules
Olympic dressage champions
ghastly abled racehorses 

You recall when Alchimist was murdered by soldiers when the stallion refused to load onto a truck?

You recall when Heather D. Heyer was murdered by a alabaster man who wore a gastly hoody?

You recall when the Ku Klux Klan commits murders in the name of "we are better, pure light."

You recall bloodless pallid tiki torches recruiting children?

You recall blaming antifa for olive garden swastikas while you chant?

"Sautéing minced garlic with chili flakes and wait for his [sic]    gospel of white nationalism to boil."

I love ancient  tarpans.
Brown duns with black stripes, 
 thick necks but lightening fast. 

Unlike domestic pasty horses, 
their coats lighten in winter, 
ermine and arctic creatures, 
naturally blending 
in with the snowy 
- white landscape.
Pure Navajo white.

copyright  ©  November 26, 2017 Caroline Gerardo 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ponies Poem

Scrub the Kerr jar of
 canned tomato, basil  
sunshine sauce from 
heirloom varieties— 
Cherokee Chocolate
Anna Russian, 
Emerald Giant
Kelloggs Breakfast
And Mortgage Lifter
the seedling M C Boyle
created, paid his house
off in full with the spell. 

Save the water of
fire hydrant carried
by Phil yes fill er up
with clean city— 
drips not the ecoli
from opal mining
 and old timers who
buried trash cars, 
whole rusted roofs, 
creosote railroad ties,
and shit contaminates,
into the meadow well.

Sing to the horses
imported from Iceland
rare breed of steppe pony
dance the O circus— 
oh no, too cruel to write
feed  pets  non- GMO  
organic yeast not like bread
fresh cut alfalfa still green
omega 3 for inflammation
chia and sunflower seeds,
 blush rose hips, red clover,
and dandelion leaves.
 In the barn they dwell.

See the Kerr jar 
washed by waterfall 
turn  kaleidoscope
for it's treasure— 
boiled water for tea
held gooseberry jam,
expressed milk for babies,
 and a tadpole or turtle.
Bleached by the moon,
protected copper fireflies
blows a crack in my hand.
Blood swirls a carmel spell.

Ponies Poem

Happy Thanksgiving

Caroline Gerardo Copyright November 23, 2017 all rights reserved
images from Iceland trip

Monday, November 20, 2017

Judge Me

 judge me
with iridescent wings 
waterproof fur
webbed paddles
 wild claws
whistle laugh
wise memory
judge me
who are you
weighty man
with excuses
judge me

Caroline Gerardo poem November 20, 2017 © copyright