Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wren Poem

Wren on roof
Calls to sea
Come home
Come back
Return to me.

Copyright Caroline Gerardo April 17,2018

Camelot Poem

Abandoned School Drama Building

Music drifts in the dust
 teacher chose Camelot
10000 practices begin
learn to sing or dance
sew creative costumes
the ghosts haunt past.

Copyright April 18, 2018 Poem A Day for

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rattle Snake Poem

Poem A Day
Is it possible to consolidate thoughts into meaningful forms?

Prepare the sway to drain off, as not to stagnate.
The constraint builds a chain link fence around a treasure.
Trench for a silt fence, around the squirrel holes and rabbit dens. 
Use a narrow shovel as not to injure some infant mice.

Hit a rattle snake in error.
He scurries away, as men do with broken pride.
Then he surfaces at night, a foolish attempt 
on the first warm night of spring.
Amelia, a barn owl who hunts from the roof of my house,
spots him moving in the moonlight.
A fight ensues, and she wins, taking the meat of his 
body to the sky, leaves a piece to rot in the meadow.
A game of hide and seek;
for bow flys to discover and clean up the mess.

The odor of death is the same for all of us.
We reside on this earth inside fences, caves,
and cabins safe only as long as chance allows.
I don't believe in a God who knows the moment Amelia will
die, or why your soul suffers worse than a guy in a Maserati.
Be careful when digging, and it is not a gas line may blow,
or to disturb a den of dormant terrorists, yes, we live
here in fragile tissue balance where barbed wire that keeps
us inside also cuts to death.

Caroline Gerardo © copyright 4/16/2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pumpkin Snake

Pumpkin Snake

Spring snakes singing out
heat crusts their burrows
signals to waken to find
silver feathered mice, 
that hide in pumpkins,
and apple blossoms on the
earth waiting for them to
play and scare me silly.
I'm building a silt fence
over the mesh wire buried
in front of the chain link
to keep out the rattlers
a critter evil surprised
strike me when I forget 
leather gloves, snake chaps
and sharp shovel to keep my
garden safe from some crazy
king who steams his subjects
with nerve agents and say they
 meant to kill the bugs and rats.

 mice walk the plank for peanut butter
dump pirates miles away for condors
don't murder garter snakes or frogs

Copyright Caroline Gerardo April 2018 Poem A Day

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ABC Poem

 I'm missing teaching the alphabet

Answering every question with a: "yes, here's how."
Believing I fix things after watching a UTube video.
Cleaning ears of our Golden Retriever named Honey.
Dancing to music composed on a Stratocaster guitar.
Enlightening your mind to constellations over earth.
Feeling appreciated by the gestures, notes, & smiles.
Greeting sunrise with a rosary and packed lunches
Having courage to do motherhood and fatherhood solo
Investigating the clicks on the home computer for evil
Judging after hearing lies from blinking eyed faces
Knowing car repairs when no Moms know how to
Listening for the front door to open when your home
Managing the payroll check with the mortgage money
Nagging when you can study longer, or do an extra lap
Organizing the drawers, bagging stuff for the Veterans
Planting heirloom tomatoes next to the herb garden
Questioning the Principal about school safety plans
Reading the tandem books in your syllabus
Searching graveyards for new rose cultivars
Tallying statistics for Frosh JV and Varsity Lacrosse
Underlining the legalese to change the contracts
Verbalizing prayer, plans, praise, and elation.
Waiting for your call that requires my advice
X husband pays for nothing criticizes particulars
Yawing in the morning under dark Tule fog
Zzzz is not sleep it is the diligence of my mind.


and more
Stopping the leak of the river of the world
Planning for
Saving for goals

Copyright Caroline Gerardo April 11, 2018 A Poem a Day