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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Angel of peace behind lathe plaster masque ?

4th C
Roman Emperor Constantine 
built The Church of the Nativity.  
Jesus's manger is here, 
not a stable, it's a cave.
A priceless lot 
A piece of land
A place of soul 

Samaritan rebels 
burn it to the ground

6th C
Emperor Justinian rebuilds. 
Survives earthquakes, bombing, 
bullets, and defacement.
A group comes in
A gang shoots out
A guy is in charge

Take my land 
steal my heart

7th C
Four-foot Door of Humility replaces 
high arching entry
 to keep out horsemen
A priest chants
A imam bows
A sage prays

Today C
No Visitors, walls too fragile.
Rumor is- there are frescoes
Restorers compare 
mosaics to art of Islam
I see
I will share
I dream with the angel

Caroline Gerardo copyright 2016

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