Thursday, June 23, 2016

Slow Down On My Road

Traumatic Brain Injury 

5:00 AM Adelia drives Ortega Highway
 to work her shift in Mission Hospital Emergency.
Adelia Dias descendant of an explorer prays,
"Hail Mary no Road Kill today."

 Deer cross, doves rise and motorcycles roar.
No in passing solid double lines.
Island in the waves of the road.
Ignored, scoffed, hurried steal
family, future and fragile life. 

White foam board note in rear window:

" You Ricky Racer-
I've seen 3 no 4 dead on Ortega Highway.
Pass, cut off, wreck - less - tardy -
Fireworks spread your body parts on the Pacific.
Millions of your cells eaten by plankton.
Passing is your ticket to the deep. "

The number three crossed out in red pen, 
left in her pocket from the Triage of last night.

Copyright June 23 2016 Caroline Gerardo photograph of fireworks and story poem all rights reserved
October 6th 2016 another poor soul=== I pray drivers will slow down, be extra cautious turning in front of motorcycles and where it says do not pass, follow road signs. Hundreds of times I see reckless and angry drivers on Ortega

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