ABOUT ME Caroline Gerardo

Thank you for stopping by and reading it means a great
deal to me.
I started as a painter and performance poet.
Largest scale project was University of Toronto
Varsity Blues Lacrosse Team performing with recorders.

My nickname is C. G.

History about me:
Born Cincinnati Ohio
Bachelor of Arts Dual Major Magna Cum Laude from Scripps College
English and Fine Art
MFA from Claremont Graduate University
International Thriller Writers Member
Writer's Guild Member

contact: carolinegerardo at the yahoodotcom place

I published short fiction and poetry in more than 100 magazines. Published three novels.
Revising my current novel in progress. The book in progress is about drought.
I have a full time day job as a mortgage banker.

Published in more than 100 magazines and reviews.
Olentangy Review, Narrative Magazine, Midwestern Gothic, Entropy, Sleet, and
One Stop Poetry to name a few

I'm a single mom with two wonderful children that I adore. After living in an Orange County, California beach house I moved off grid to a ranch June 2016.
I sold the bulk of my rose patents in the 1990's. I'm an organic gardener. I love to cook.
This blog is about the writing life.
All photographs, gifs and short video are mine and are copyrighted all rights reserved
I read novels and poetry daily. Occasionally I write a book review. My reviews are positive because if I don't like the book I won't finish it. Books I read or review as follows: poetry, thrillers, horror, dark fiction, literary fiction, fiction without categories, sex and violence are okay, prefer to read a paper book as it is easier on my eyes. Send me an email and if I can buy the book, I'll order it from my bookstore. This guarantees they will order a couple. If not available yet or an ARC I might get it on Net Galley. Email,  leave a comment or call me
 My Goodreads page:

Being creative is a whole life choice. Make your surrounds amazing.
Mistakes are fearless attempts when magic occurs.

My long-form novels are different genres: Toxic Assets and The Lucky Boy both are literary,
contemporary and thriller genre based. I'm interested in new ways to tell stories.

I sold my Laguna Niguel California house 2016 and own one outside of Hoback Junction Wyoming.

Instagram is a daily journal. I write haiku or comment with often soft landscapes, birds,
my garden...  http://instagram.com/carolinegerardo

My mortgage banking business pays the bills. I enjoy my work.


Current novel working title Eco-Terrorist, but the title is going to change perhaps Soothsayer, perhaps The Climate Changed.

Everything in life is a work in progress.
twitter account:

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Caroline has completed her goal of reading 199 books in 2017!
my day job blog is http://cgbarbeau.blogspot.com