Monday, July 25, 2011

Amazon Buzzards Come and Get Me

feb2011savannah 027On Sunday the revision was final.
I deleted one ending and have chosen two.
I am emailing pdf copies and a paper copy to:
a writer buddy beta reader, a friend from twitter who fits my demographic and my friend in London. All three are men because
I believe that is who will most enjoy the narrative. This one is pretty dark, and this time frame since Thanksgiving has been the inkiest buzzard swarming betrayal in my personal life. But the story has a hopeful quality in his Don Quixote quest to connect and ultimate acceptance of who he is in the soul. A character as anti hero transforms through the diving in the pool as a lifeguard through fire, violence and electric shock. My editor in the U. K. only read two chapters and is clapping his hands to hurry me along. Editing for me is a tedium and a torture. Dean Wesley Smith in his Killing the Sacred Cows says not to use the slow process I have chosen, but there was backlash critics who sniped at me for my writing style.
A couple of the posters on Amazon are not critics of my work,
they are mean spirited individuals who know of me.
However, manipulation of Amazon is widespread. The more novels,
short stories, poetry and work I complete and publish
- the easier it is to take a swing under my chin
to break my neck.
Little do they know I am ready with my left.

Photograph copyright Caroline Gerardo 2011- yes there are buzzards in that foggy tree waiting.

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