Friday, October 14, 2011

Sparrow Sings for Michael Jackson

House Bird for Michael
All the jumbled stories about his life aside,
 remember this sleep never ends

The story, the Doctor,
made me think of you, not a bad song.

It is a nasal sparrow tsip whispering in the brush.

A ghost lives in the canyon.

I tried to capture his song
but like Michael it
is threading a recording
through a telescope.

You might not care about
the sparrows facing extinction,
but it makes us sorrowful as
mist creeping over a protective glass.

It is coming soon.

I protect the nest.

It is only a house sparrow you think.

We miss the songs

I Want You Back,
 Never Can Say Goodbye,
And I’ll be There

A sparrow can understand

Twit twack calls,

Or a human if they care
Caroline Gerardo Copyright 2011

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