Friday, April 20, 2012

Merlin Magic

Spring in my knees.
A new feeling,
let go of blanket,
muffled moths
in the sound of my voice.
After grieving for a long calendar
(one that friends and foes told me was too long)

Throw it in the compost pile.
Red worms reduce paper to silt.

Orogolomistician surgery on my soul
 performed overnight after months without sleep.
Thanks Merlin for your healing magic.

Something is upon me,
fire burned the farm to the cellar 
creating better soil.

Courage and my sword return
after Arthur borrowed them from my stone.

I do not care about your cruelty -
it grew change.

Not the I don't care girl-

I adore faces, relatives, friends who remain. 
They magically block my cell phone to avoid any slip.

Copyright © 2012 Caroline Gerardo All rights reserved for photographs and poetry.

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