Thursday, September 25, 2014

Indian Summer

Writer's desk
A clean desk
is no good omen.
Give me piles of notes
memos about preventing ants

Red sunrise 
Vane points hurricane
Barometric pressure between 
send in the fifty third Squadron

Hot Autumn nights 
Cautantowit caught off guard
Smoky destruction ahead
spells the fortune cookie.

Orange Red  Sunrise photo by Caroline Gerardo

Indian Summer by Jozef Clemonski 1875
Yes I know it is so not politically correct to even say "Indian Summer." I'm part native and find no
offense in sports teams using the image. Lawsuits in general only benefit attorneys. 
Kautantowwit or Cautantowit is the Algonquin god from the southwest... 

Temperature here climbed back up. I long for cool evening walks. I can't wait to wear wool. My sweet gum is already turning, she is confused. When can I set a Fall hearth? Is it dry and hot where you live?  
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