Sunday, January 4, 2015


Blue and white dishes that were in the secretary
Life's messy.
Tragedy with daughter lead into Christmas Season
I forgot to put the twenty pound weights on the bottom
of the Christmas tree.
I had more than 1032 antique and pre- WWI ornaments.
~ the operative word
Tree spilled over on the front face of the best glass
Some survived the spill.

The beginning of my holiday.
After getting the Noble Fir back upright, it took me
two additional days to re-trim.
"No harm," I kept chanting-
After finishing I went to bed early.
Around two in the morning a hissing sound woke me.
Carson was gone skiing and Blair in Colorado.
Perhaps it was only the wind.
Honey (our elderly Golden Retriever)  started 
howling - this of course engaged the pack coyotes
in the canyon.
There was no moon.
I went downstairs with a baseball bat.
A slugger wasn't the proper tool.
First step down, icy wet-
The whole downstairs was filled with an inch of water.
I ran out front in a white gauzy nightgown 
to turn the main off.
Then my flood cleanup began...
I'm writing a book about drought and the irony
made me keep on track from crying.
Why waste the liquid?
Without running water I hosted family Christmas dinner.
I gave a toast about persevering.
Dinner was grand.
A flood is not going to get me down.
I'm a good swimmer.
How was your holiday?

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