Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jane Brucker

Jane Brucker's "Bouquet"

Grandmother’s gone, pack her stuff.
Pressed flowers from a wedding rest in the Bible.
A bouquet, the word has a sound and an aroma,
 reminding she loved lavender.
A box of letters in French, though your ancestors were Irish.
A map and engineering plans signed with your father’s name.
An artist at her easel with haunting eyes in a daguerreotype.
Pieces combine in assemblage becoming, converting your soul.
Together they tell a story.

Fearless, open the box of secrets.
A sprinkler valve key opens.
Graceful wiring, ancient timepieces
and scissors to cut your nosegay.

Jane Brucker’s assemblage pieces installation 
are exhibited at SPARC in
South Pasadena until June 2nd 2015
1121 Mission Street 

Jane’s work combines 
found objects, performance and community.

Thomas Moore
“Like the gale, that sighs along 
Beds of oriental flowers, 
Is the grateful breath of song, 
That once was heard in happier hours. 
Fill'd with balm the gale sighs on, 
Though the flowers have sunk in death; 
So, when pleasure's dream is gone, 
Its memory lives in Music's breath. 

South Pasadena
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