Monday, March 28, 2016

Avocado Salad To Die For

I wrote before about my vegan daughter and meat eating son.
My son surprised visited home for Easter Weekend, but flew
home before dinner.
Saturday night I prepared this easy healthy yummy salad 
that is vegan.
3 fresh corn husks
*2 fresh great tomatoes
*1 red bell pepper
1 can black organic beans
*half a red onion
*2 cloves garlic
3 limes
salt pepper paprika to taste
if you like it hotter a sprinkle of red pepper
*1/2 cup cilantro
teaspoon of great virgin olive oil
3 ripe avocados

Remove husks of corn
Snap in half and cover in pot of water. 
Boil corn for 3 minutes. Allow to cool in the water.
Chop all the * ingredients 
Combine in bowl
Do not cut - save the avocados until right before serving
smash and chop garlic  and cilantro very fine
Zest of one lime on top,
Juice and squeeze out every drop of lime juice into the mixture
Add light salt and pepper - light and check it later before serving
1/4 teaspoon sugar 
Drain the beans and rise in cold water - toss them in whole
Cut the corn off the cob and that goes in the bowl as well
Stir and cover - at least 2 hours but overnight is better
refrigerate the chopped salad

Right before you serve cut the avocados in half, remove pit
and slice
Add a teaspoon of olive oil on top.
Stir taste for salt, pepper sour... maybe add red chili pepper if you like
Can be served on top of bowl of torn greens as the most healthy salad.
I use mustard, kale and romaine as the base. If you are trying this on 
pciky eaters use milder butter lettuce 
Salad greens mixture should be 1/3 of the whole - or in other words
each bite should have two pieces of avocado and yummy veggies
The creamy avocados make this luxurious.
My children never leave left overs. 
Pico de gallo and guacamole flavors will start your party!
I served this Easter afternoon. My son was still eating a bowl
on the way to the airport. His comment:
"I'm sad that TSA doesn't allow food in the Airport. I think if I let
them have a taste they will let me bring it in?" 

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