Thursday, March 9, 2017

Stolen Sonnet


Chicken wires cannot stop
Coyote pays gold unknown
Ship daughter from hilltop
Cash me outside not grown 

Gangs pull pony tail braid
Girl taste passion fruit pink
Cut open inside cactus jade
Glue neon head lamp blink
Women huddle in cubicles
Winter hearts rub crackle
Lips swell, share the fables
Wet earthquake tabernacle

Mission bells bleed dread
Maybe white lady spooks
Say you tremble to read
Stolen Art History books

 Care for Etruscan fresco
Curse a Japanese Shinto
Gago never paid Jeanbeau
Catalog the melts in snow
Spies get off with grace
Still hands off grid lace
Ha originals wait in place
Scoundrel pinot noir face

Deportation of Dad
Black talent canvad
Dumb ones to be had
Drag eyes to road bad

Copyright Caroline Gerardo 3/9/2017
images and poem

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