Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dovey Dee Reverence for White

Hold nature in your hands
Cup fingers to allow light.
White hot sky and lands
Cerulean memory at night.

Trekked to see an old friend's work,  Dovey Dee's art delivers her lifelong passion for landscape. The paintings seem covered in mist and sand from being too close to the sky, but no they are dry. 

Returning to Pomona was a pleasant surprise. I once owned a building on Holt (it had ghosts but that's another story).  The town has a lively Arts Community with live music, food vendors, many crafts and booths. I wandered for an hour and kept the joy of Dovey's work in my heart all night. 

Reverence for whites in nature. 

Swans perhaps my favorite image of her show

Da Gallery 252 S Main St # D, Pomona, CA 

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