Monday, June 28, 2010

Writing on the Kitchen Table

I have been writing on a morning schedule now for nine years. I don't set the alarm, most days the light of sunrise reflects off the water. I hear the mourning dove calling her mate to get to work. She's not speaking to me, but the familiar sound makes me joyful.

I make coffee at 5:45 and the smell fills the downstairs. It's not the caffiene I crave, it's the smell of Peets' Major Dickenson's blend.

I am linking this blog to my more work related commerical blog with the intention that is this only about writing. I can compile the links to online short stories, poetry and exerpts of my novels.

I've gone the self publishing route and not certain this is the correct pathway as promoting one's own art form seem far far more difficult than working a job at a bank. I made some money ghost writing and I am not going to continue that avenue. I believe my work has a voice for my time. Avalon wanted me to rewrite "Bank" into a G rated story which is not my intention. I don't live that conventional of a life. Not that I am dazzlingly exciting but my
background, travels and experience aren't Disney stories.  So here I start first day. I hope to post my own writing, perhaps some submission guidelines and details on my own struggles for learning HTML and formatting for a variety of requirements, I look forward to input.
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