Monday, July 12, 2010

I am working on my edit list and finding myself frustrated.
I have to change the whole complete novel all 389 pages from present tense first person to subjective tense with flash backs. I divided the Chapters on Screenwriter into index cards and am following the story line as scenes rather than a story with first chapter having murder number one in past tense without knowing who the killer is then telling the story from the main female character's point of view from beginning to end in present tense. The language and timing of the tension doesn't work as well with the tense I chose ( so I am told) so on a journey to rewrite and correct it all. I had trouble on day 19 when I lost the first 6 chapters and only God knows which file folder I put them in. Now I am diligently labelling each folder and completing in order. There are some editing programs out there and I looked at paying for that or paying an english teacher to get me cleaned up. Advice welcome.
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