Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ROW80 Writing On Target

Winter Meadow so I won't get spring fever...
Copyright Caroline Gerardo 2011
Happy with myself. Although I want to get the tomatoes in the ground, I achieved my writing goals. I have days to finish Lucky. Played with the Penguin site Bookcountry, that took much longer than I expected. I read about twenty different authors. I will go back and review all. I could not figure out how to drop down and finish to send. I did finally get the hang of it. When I have my first draft done, and pdf. sent to editor, I will upload some chapters.
The novel has violence. I wonder how that will be read.
I highly recommend the Bookcountry website for authors, publishing executives and readers. I predict it will be HUGE. I also expect there to be drama on the website as authors vie for attention. There's a good thriller in that story in and of itself. The soft wear is a little cumbersome but go try it out.
Goal unchanged. Going to finish this week. Will continue to run plugs for other authors. Have a flash story in my head about a snake.
Carson has a game tonight. Honey our golden retriever is in the pool right now. It is eighty degrees. I am not succumbing to spring fever.
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