Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ghazal for Rumi

"Ray Incantation"
Caroline Gerardo Copyright April 22, 2011
GHAZAL for Rumi Love Poems On Rain

Photograph underwater, a Bay of Biscayne.

Your email was intended to cause me pain.
The weapon is a shut off campaign.
It is prettier to lock memory in chain.

Write a new label, University at Duquesne.
Millions of “I” words, an important domain.

An assault upon my cheek is a coup de main.

Salt water flows equaling my cystic veins.
The drama about moving much like a train
was blown out of proportion all over terrain
 not trying will be the error until you wane.

Memories of you, great pharoah, I retain.
Come clean without fear of the rain.
Despite the typhoon, I ask, maintain.
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