Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Hop Prizes


"LOONEY BOY" ( quote from my novel The Lucky Boy when this mean girl pokes him when he is down)

I love a prize don't you?

#4 Signed copies of these books:
the Insiders by J. Minter
Restless by Rich Wallace
Atonement by Ian MCEwan
Mockingbird by Charles Bukowski

(fortunately or unfortunatley the above books have notes addressed to my name. Notably two have rather R rated comments which  parallels the Naughty Theme. I could have broken out some of the hundreds of signed poetry books, but I tried to go more popular books)

There is a first time for everything. This is my first blog hop. I joined http://www.closeencountersofthenightkind.blosgpot.com/ in this hop because my novel, The Lucky Boy is a love story. The main character, Seth does some very bad things in this story in the name of love.

This hop is running through Valentines Day and I am offering some special prizes just for the asking:

1. Package of sweet pea seeds to plant in your garden or a pot. The heady smell of this perfume will knock you over.
  ( 5 packs are available)
2. 16 Valentines cards especially for your Mother (WHY you ask? Because in the novel, The Lucky Boy this 16 year old boy has a horrible dysfunctional mother. You will have enough cards to get you through the next years.

3. Free ecopy of The Lucky Boy plus these silvery cold hearts ( they open up like ornaments) and the mug with notes and a ten dollar bill.
It's not sultry but it's cash.
To win one of my three prizes tweet:" I want to read The Lucky Boy @cgbarbeau ", or" I want to own The Lucky Boy @cgbarbeau"
and you will likely win a prize.  Twenty prizes available - first come first served. Random yadda yadda legalese because this is just a silly little prize, O.K.?

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