Thursday, February 23, 2012


2009 136
Swap Meet Photograph Caroline Gerardo copyright © 2012

Retainer Required

What amount will secure a soul?
Forgiveness slips on the laminate.

You return to life a Victorian buggy,
clattering, passionate and nostrils wide.

"Love does not end even in death,
only becomes-"

"Becomes what?" You ask.

I am silent, throat frozen.
I know my own truth,
 but need to do
more backbends.

I read this poster where
three Marines died after leaving
a Golden Lantern neighborhood bar.
Jeremiah Callahan was twenty-three.
Christopher Arzola was twenty-one.
Jason Chleborad was twenty-two.

Please send their families the money.
Certitude hearts who loved, but
never had opportunity to marry.

Heroes sing from the diaphram.
The vibration trembles my lips.

Switch places, go back in time

Swap for a different future.

Shrine to the Fallen Three on Golden Lantern Now Removed Photograph Caroline Gerardo © copyright reserved

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