Friday, June 8, 2012

Roll that crane up to the sky

Merrily run your crane to the stormy sky.
What is the matter with these negative writers?
If you don't know how to use
Typek it, Font deck, Gimp, Instagram, and more...
start cranking your brain up for new skills.

Interview about the tools you need to be a writer.

I operated a Lattice Boom Truck Crane
before there  was a license required.

Interview link:  

Read Patrick Barkham's post about indie writers,
more important- read the rather snooty comments.

"These people sound like they might have rather more successful careers as marketing strategists than writers of decent fiction.
Increasingly, there's no difference. That's what's depressing." mean guy with no profile

" nowadays there are two types of novelists those who write something interesting and those who write something well and never the twain shall meet." another guy with no profile, it is always easy to sound superior behind an alias online, add a little accent and you are better...

"I will never bother reading an indie book, they are all garbage..." this one I believe got deleted because it went off on a rant.

Everyone loves a rant on the internet. Perhaps someone will go purchase the newspaper Guardian now?

Those who don't learn and grow, are left behind.
Even traditional published writers need skills because the economy is tight. How many editors were laid off from magazines and publishers this month?

O.K. they aren't lattice ... cranes but you get the point.

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