Friday, August 3, 2012

Love Life

Photo from abandoned house on the way hiking to Holy Jim Falls Trabuco Canyon.
Please do not re post my photographs without my permission. Copyright 2012 Caroline Gerardo

Love Life.
Life is not a joke.

I punched Dan after he said, "I would be satisfied with going to sleep and not waking up."
Angry, he feigns slumber making me fly the Beechcraft. I act unafraid.

What is on your dream board?

Plans and expectations for love, family, money, spiritual connections?
Do you have it written down?
Do you have images to touch?

There are no boundaries,
only reaching for new ideas.

Make your goals permeate your DNA.
Waking hours long to train and grow
Growth accelerates progress
muscle memory walks you there
right action creates better ends

There are no secrets to success or happiness.

But damn, I'll punch you if you give up
Snap out of it and follow through.

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